Email Deliverability Tips

Growing your email list takes commitment, so you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximise the effort you’re putting in.

The three main things that impact your email success are …

1) Maintaining good list hygiene

2) Understanding SPAM

3) Maintaining a great relationship with your list

Let’s look at each of these separately.

Good List Hygiene:

This is all about making sure you only keep emails on your list who are active, engaged and want to hear from you.

If you have a mess of incorrect emails, people who have marked you as spam and stale subscribers who just aren’t interested in opening your emails, you will hurt the deliverability to those who do want to hear from you.

So it’s really important to regularly maintain this.

Understanding SPAM:

The industry standard of keeping a good email sender reputation is to have an external spam rate of less than 1 per 1000.

There are several reasons why you get reported as SPAM.

  •  They may not like the content of the emails
  • They might think they are getting emails too often
  • They might be having a bad day and you happen to be the brunt off of their frustration

To keep your spam rate low you need to have good list hygiene as mentioned above.

Maintain a Great Relationship:

This is about sending people relevant useful content that they want to read, offers they find beneficial and interesting stories they can relate to.

That’s what gets your emails opened and read.

Also note, you want to stick to a regular email schedule. Stick to one you can consistently do and take action.

Smart Actions:

1) Get rid of or update emails that are not correct

2) Remove emails from your subscriber list who do not open (say in the last 90 days) *This depends on when was the last time you contacted them

3) Decide on a regular email sending plan

4) Plan some relevant, useful and entertaining content for them

5) Take action

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