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00:00 Welcome to another session of smarter business tips at ten. Today's session is your online everywhere branding profile. If these business tips add value, please give us a thumbs up. That's awesome, love it. Spread the word, share it, because the more people I impact, the happier I am obviously. Look, your online everywhere branding profile, it's great for vending, it assists in creating credibility online, and it goes everywhere you do.

Look, it's easy to set up, and when it's done, it'll last forever. So today, I'm gonna show you how to check your existing profile.

I'm gonna actually give you a web link, and if you haven't got one or it needs updating, how to set up your own.

00:47 So your online persona essentially, what I'm talking about is a "Gravatar", globally recognized avatar. And I did a post way back in 2012, 2013 on this, and I assumed everybody would do it. Some people have done it, some people have half done it, and the bottom line is it helps you to position yourself in front of other people. So without further ado, I'll show you what mine looks like.

So there's my Gravatar. The blurb that goes with it should be personable.

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust, the old classic line, and you want to be engaging. You want to be personable. You want to be real.

01:32 So now I'll show you what some comments have been made on our blog post. This is way back in 2013.

So Marco, mortgage broker over east, he's made a comment, and you can see that there's his logo.

Personally, I recommend a picture. It makes it that much more personable. There's his comment, but here's the thing: when you click on that, it takes you to his website. I'm not gonna do that, I'll do that in a little moment, but here's some comments that people made way back when.

This is me responding to Marco.

Kurt Johanson, email marketing guru, has made a comment, and you can see I can see the face. It makes a stronger connection.

Now here's Beverly De La Harpe, gorgeous hypnotherapist located in Perth here, and she doesn't have a profile picture. So although that will still take you through to her website, it's not engaging. It doesn't make it personal.

Now here's Joe Saunders, a resident Perth local, LinkedIn expert, made a comment.

Thanks for that Joe, way back when.

Again, Malcolm Calcutt has made a comment. He runs a massage clinic here in Perth, very good at what he does, and again, it's just not that personal. Great that he's made a comment.

02:58 Here's the thing, if you take the time to read a blog post ... Now let's go to another blog post here, all right?

So this is one that I did on Facebook live with a video and a transcript a few weeks ago. If you take the time to read this dialogue or watch the video, why would you not then comment?

Because it's giving you online exposure. It just seems to me that you're selling yourself short if you go to the trouble of reading a blog post, watching a video, and you don't comment. Why would you do that?

I mean great, you've learned something, that's fantastic, but for me it's always about leveraging. Everything is about leveraging. If you do one thing, you want multiple things to happen. It's like permaculture.

One thing doesn't serve one purpose. Everything we do online has to be leveraged.

So if you take the time to read people's blog posts, give them feedback.

03:59 The other mantra of life thing comes into play here, where givers gain.

So James and Hayden, James runs two businesses. One is Pascoe industries, and if I was to click on that, his website pops up. So that's fantastic. Now again, it'd be better with an image, and I'll advise James to do that. He's a part of a Smart Tank Mastermind mentoring group that I run, so I'll coach James in how to do that, or he'll watch this video.

The point is, there's a link there, and let's say go to Hayden, so Hayden Smith. Who's Hayden Smith?

Well somebody's gonna see that, and they're gonna get curious, and they're gonna click on that, and they're then gonna go to his website. Now Hayden runs a tutoring business right here in Rockingham. He does one-on-one tutoring.

He has quite a unique system. He gets awesome results, located in Rockingham. So he's read this blog post, he's had his feedback, "Losing My Virginity". I've not heard it, not listened to it, so I'm gonna take that on board. Somebody else is gonna read that. So it's giving Hayden some online credibility.

05:19 So I'll go to another blog post. So here's one that I did a month or so ago on how to create an integrated marketing plan.

So if you've watched the video ... If you haven't watched the video, you should watch the video, because I'm giving away some gold here.

And there's the transcript, and if we scroll down to the bottom, Alex Tseronis who runs an incredible company, U Resin, part of the Pascoe Industries group.

I'll show you her website. If I was to click on that link, it goes to her website, which is a quite remarkable website. I know the Webby, funny that. And she shares how she is obsessed with Trello boards, which is how I create structured marketing strategy plans and roll out marketing plans.

But again, Alex needs to add that extra level of personality to that.

06:17 Now if I go to another one, how to use Google for local business, again, I've got a video, I've got a transcript.

If I scroll right down to the bottom, there's my personal engagement, and there's Rhonda Chapman's, and look at that. Rhonda Chapman has put a face to the Gravatar, to the globally recognized avatar. Now, thinking about what kind of image you would like to portray for your business, you could with a logo, but it's not personal.

Our recommendation is to go for a mugshot. Now you can incorporate your logo if you're not 100% comfortable with that, but I think make it personal.

You could go cartoony, maybe using a caricature, you could maybe do a logo with a twist, take a photo of you sipping out of your company's branded coffee mugs.

Could be a logo with a picture of you. You could do some special morphing of a logo on a photo.

07:11 So the bottom line is, you've really got to be personal with your spiel.

Be professional, but this is about connecting and engaging. So let's have a look at Rhonda's site, because there's a link through to that.

Oh, and here we go. I made a comment on this post, because I found this particularly fascinating. I was doing something about case studies, heard about this post that Rhonda did, so I read this again, leveraging.

So fantastic content here, so go to Rhonda's site too by the way, and check it out. She's got a whole bunch of content. So my comment was, "Timely post Rhonda, I'm just reviewing my own case studies right now, so I can apply some of these principles." So it's a really great model. so what does that do?

That clicks through to my online profile. It goes through to my website.

08:03 So I'm just gonna play this quick video. I think this sums it up really well in case there's anything I missed. So bear with me, I'll hit the play and hopefully, this will play. I'm gonna stop that, because I've turned the sound off, so I don't think it's coming through your end, and I have to have the sound off otherwise my voice will echo back through the mic.

So I'll put a link up to this video so that you can play this afterwards, and I'll embed it into the blog post.

So Gravatar lookup. Where to go and check if you've got a Gravatar, because a lot of people have actually got a Gravatar, their email account.

It's based on your email address.

Lots of people have got it. You saw in those other ones that I shared earlier where it was just the letter G.

They haven't assigned a photo through to their email address and a Gravatar.

09:04 So I'll put this web address,

I'll put that as a link into the blog post, and into this Facebook live, and you can actually go and check your own Gravatar based on your email address and see what photo you've got associated with it.

Now, if you need to register a Gravatar account, you just go through to

So that's And you can register an email address, load a profile pic with a personable blurb, and then you have an online profile that will follow you absolutely everywhere.

09:58 So I hope this adds value and will make a difference for you.

You can join our group for more business tips, Smart Tank Mastermind. I'll put a link for that in the comment thread.

If you think a friend or a colleague will benefit from this, if you can give us a thumbs up, that's awesome. Love it, spread the word. And I'll also load these videos, along with a transcript, to my website so you can just go to There it is there. And you can check out this and hundreds of other blog posts. I hope that helps. If you need any help, give me a shout out.

That's Peter Butler from Smarter Websites here. Go and work smarter.

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