Gravatar – Your Online Everywhere Branding Profile

Gravatar is an acronym for Globally Recognised Avatar – Gravatar.

A Gravatar is an online profile of YOU, that is associated with a specific email account, with an image you choose, and a personable blurb about you.

Why have a Gravatar at all?

It’s great for branding, it personalises comments and assists in creating credibility. It’s just nice to relate to someone’s face rather than a mysterious and anonymous grey guy or gal.

Not only that, every time you use your Gravatar it creates a link back to your website. It’s your online ‘persona’ and shows you off to the world.

Remember, everything we do online is to please 2 entities – search engines and people. And the more the search engines know about us then the more chance people will find out about our offering.

Obviously be professional yet make sure to be personable in your dialogue, people want to do business with people and being personable make you somehow more ‘real’ and engaging.

HOW TO GET A GRAVATAR: It’s simple and it’s free. Simply go to Gravatar’s website. Sign up with the email that you use the most often to comment. Add a photo which could be a picture of yourself, your company’s logo, or something unique.

VIDEO: Here’s a video by Gravatar that also might help explain it if you prefer to see a video to understand.

CHOOSING A GRAVATAR: Think about the kind of image you would like to portray for your business. You could go with your logo which can be good for branding but isn’t all that personal.

It could be a cartoon style, a caricature.

You could go a logo with a twist. Take a photo of you sipping out of your company’s branded coffee mugs 🙂 Could have a logo with a picture of you! Do some special morphing of logo and photo.

BE PERSONABLE with your spiel, be professional but this is about connecting and engaging with peoples.

Maybe you already have one, but don’t realise, you don’t want to be setting up multiple accounts.


Here’s a blog post and video I did showcasing WHY a Gravatar is so important

Smart Actions:

1) Check if you already have a Gravatar >

2) Either complete filling that profile in or set up an account

3) Set up a Gravatar account

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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

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