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00:00 Welcome to another session of Smarter Business Tips at Ten. So today's session is basically gonna be a short FAQ on online nerdy, webby, social media stuff. So I've only had the couple questions in, but I'm gonna proceed anyway.
00:18 One question that was suggested to me to talk about cookie consent, so I'm going to go to my website... I've got too many windows open. Over to... not that one, that webpage there. You'll see right down the very bottom here, this cookie consent message. So you've probably noticed it as your roam around online. This message is coming up a lot and is to do with GDPR, Global Data Protection Regulation. It's a worldwide regulation how people with websites collect your data and use it. Hasn't really Australia as yet except to say that you really should be complying with Facebook's policy.
01:10 The thing is that if you've gotta website and you've got a Facebook business page you really should also be using a Facebook Pixel Tracking. Now Facebook Pixel Tracking is basically tracking everybody who comes to your website, and if they've got a Facebook account generally they're logged into that Facebook account funnily enough. You can actually track and create an audience within Facebook, so it'll tell you their age, all their demographic attributes. Whether they're male or female, what their relationship status is, their education level, what their interests are, what their job title is, and if people come in your website why would you not want to track their information? Why would you not want to know more about that audience so you can then create Facebook ads that have really targeted merit, so you're only spending money on ads for a particular demographic.
02:14 It's just a no brainer, and yet I see some people out there who are supposed Facebook ad gurus that haven't even installed Facebook Pix Tracking. Like really? That's just bizarre to me. Anyway that's about a short snippet about Facebook Pixel Tracking. If you're not sure whether your website has Facebook Pixel Tracking then certainly give us a shutout. I can tell you in about 30 seconds, so certainly let me know if you need any help in that arena.
02:47 The other thing getting back to Facebook Pixel Tracking, so this is a compliance issue. You need to have this if you're running any Facebook ads, if you've got Facebook Pixel Tracking, and to be honest it's just a good online practice. It really does make a difference, so again if you need that installed on your website certainly give us a shutout.
03:11 The other thing as far as tracking goes, is Google Analytics. Now again we see lots of website who have Google accounts and yet they don't have Google Tracking. Why would you not want to know how many people are coming to your website, what pages they're visiting, how long they're saying. After they go to the homepage, what other page do they visit? You would surely want to know all that information, yet we see this all the time. It's real easy to find out if you've got Google Analytics Tracking. Firstly you can ask me and I'll have a look. Secondly you can do it yourself. All you do is right click here, go to view page source, and I'll just whiz over to that now. Just do Ctrl F, so Ctrl Find and put in UA, just the two letters UA. You'll be able to see how many instances of UA, and this is what you're looking for. In capital letters UA with a tracking code. If you've got that it means you've got Google Analytics Tracking installed, and hopefully you've got access to that Google Analytics account so that you can review that tracking and find out how many visitors you've actually got to your website.
04:29 That's important information to know as a business owner. A. You're investing this money into marketing, why would you not want to know how many visitors you're having and where they're going, so you can then make strategic decisions about how you reinvest into your marketing. Now talking about that, reinvesting into marketing, we see so many business owners who just get a website built and they think that's the end of that. It's actually not, it's only the start of the journey. You've really gotta be looking at everything you're doing online, having a website presence is fantastic. We all should have that, but then you've got to drive traffic to it. You've got to engage with people, and it's all of these assets that I'm talking about, the Facebook Pixel Tracking, the Online Compliance with cookie consent, Google Analytics Tracking, all of those attributes will give you information to make better informed decisions.
05:30 Okay, so that's enough of that rant. One of the other questions I had from Cathy Kramer I think it's pronounced, Cathy the answer to your question: can you take your blog posts, I'll just minimize that. So here's my blog posts here, and the thing is that her question was can you take your blog posts and then also put them into your Google Business account, now I'll just go to my account. Here it is here, so Google now provide, and I've done a video on this before a section where you can actually make posts. Now how much engagement are you gonna get, how much connection are you gonna get, how many views is it gonna get? It's all unknown, I've only had three views on this one from last week. The point is if you've done a blog post, it's all part of content marketing. Why would you not want to take that and put that in here. So Cathy's question was can I put my blog post into here as well, and the answer is yes.
06:41 Her second question was are you gonna suffer the duplicate content penalty, the answer is no, because Google will want you to play the game with their platform. They know that you're not gonna write unique content just for their platform, it's really not rocket science. You've got to play the game with Google, and when you do that, play the game with Google, Google will play the game with you. So yes absolutely, your blog posts should be taken across to your Google post page. It's just a part of a clear content marketing strategy.
07:12 Okay, so that answers those two questions. I don't think there's any other questions, so if that's it then that's a wrap. So I hope this has added value and make a difference for you. Please when you watch this video if you can like it, share it, give us a thumbs up, that's awesome, love it, spread the word. You can join our group for more business tips, smart tank mastermind. I'll put a link in the comments stream. If you think a friend or colleague will benefit from this, certainly share that. I'll load this video, along with the transcript to my website, so you can just go to You can see we've got know shortage of blog posts there to help you in business.
07:59 That's my passion, if you read one of these. If you go back to my previous little screen, I'll just find that somewhere. Nope I haven't found that, do make sure that you comment on this. This blog post, I talk about a Gravitar, a globally recognized avatar. If you read anybody's blog posts make the time, take the time to make a comment because look it's going to give you online exposure. You've already invested the time to read the blog posts, if it's added value why would you not make a quick comment and it puts your online persona, profile online. I hope that helps, if you need any help at all certainly give me a shout out. That's Peter Butler from Smarter Websites, you go and work smarter.

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