Dumb Marketing and Smart Lead Generation!

man-scatching-head-200Last week I raved about how much money business owners are throwing away on dumb cinema ads. Here’s a classic dumb ad you’ve probably seen on TV already.

The heartburn advert! Opens with a guy shovelling into a wheelbarrow, then goes to him clutching his chest with a face shot of discomfort. It then pans to the roadwork’s sign and a stick figure bashing away at the pile of dirt which then erupts like a volcano. The dialogue running with all of this captures this guy’s pain very well.

“Getting People’s Attention Is Successful Advertising!”

By using all the right emotional triggers they’ve engaged the viewer with shots of the guy clutching his chest, another shot of belching, the volcano erupting to depict the burning sensation and using the sounds of gasses gurgling from inside.

Then the orator uses words that sufferers will relate to and starts to aggravate the problem with – “if left unchecked it can lead to other medical problems” and “with proper treatment it may end your discomfort for good”. The last shot is a bulldozer clearing the pile and a shot of the worker smiling and looking relieved getting back to shovelling.

Very emotive and engaging… especially if you’re a heartburn sufferer!

The ad finished with the orator directing people to “Talk to your doctor” or visit “www.heartburn.com.au”

This is a better than average ad model. They got my attention, held my interest and told me what they want me to do – Go see my doctor or go to the website. Those elements they got right. Very clear steps.

OK, I’ll go to the website – easy! Nice looking site, lots of good information but here’s the thing.

Why would you spend all that money on a TV ad, direct me to your site and not want to get my details? (Apart from a lame newsletter signup that was hard to find.) Why not have a compelling offer of free information that people get when they submit their details. If you have my details you can then market to me… forever!

“Successful Marketing Is What You Do With Them After!”

Flawed thinking! It’s a classic case of what I call a library site – lots of information and the business owner lives in the ‘hope’ that the prospect will call the business or maybe opt-in to the lamely named newsletter… maybe in your dreams.

I found the company name in tiny print in the footer and it turns out it’s a huge pharmaceutical company. It’s the classic branding style ad process. They spend truckloads of money on ads and strategies that are not directly measurable. Dumb or dumber? They are not leveraging off their website as they could. This is the marketing cancer of the big boys.

YOU Have the Edge!”

This is how smart small to medium business owners can get the edge over the big boys. Here’s the ironic thing – people actually want to do business with people, that’s you! The trouble is that you are not making it easy for your new prospects to become clients.

You might not be running TV ads but why would you have a sexy website, then bust your gut getting people to go there without an offer of information in exchange for their details?

This is how the average business owner can take toll position and run rings around the big boys.

Here’s my number 1 question to all business owners!

Out of 100 visitors to your website how many are you now able to market to?

The answer should scare you!

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