Oh My God People are Contacting me…

Who wants to start their day with a BIG thankyou from a client?

I got the sort of email from a client that we all like to get. Here’s the subject line and content.


Oh My God People are Contacting me and leaving messages

I received these two comments last night from my site…………WOW……

David O

Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

Tom Humes

Very interesting analysis. Moves my thinking along in terms of helping clients measure the impact of the leadership development work that I do, mostly with non-profit social service organizations. Thanks.

Larry Wenger, MSW
Workforce Performance Group

David O


david-osborne-70David O was ecstatic! After 8 years of having a website that suffered rigor mortis (it was stiff and dead).

David was so excited because we had only re-published his site 2 weeks prior and after 8 years of disappointment, well, I’m sure you can see why he was over the moon.

You need to understand this. To be indexed by Google, found by the search engines and then these articles even found by humans in that time frame is nothing short of miraculous.

How did we do it? I’ll cut straight to the chase.

The WordPress Platform!

…and our little box of tricks and very sexy plug-ins and how we use them. You didn’t expect me to give all our secrets did you?

Why was David so excited even though we told him to expect this sort of thing?

Because he’s been told similar things in the past. David had spent $18,000 over the past 8 years with 4 different web developers with all the promises in the world and none had delivered.

Here’s the thing…

  • Did any of those websites generate leads? – No
  • Did they capture lead details? – No
  • Was he able to market directly to his clients to those visitors  after they left? – No
  • Was he able to relate and market to existing clients through his website? – No
  • Did he actually make any money through those websites? – No

We’re all told we need to have a website in these modern times but we’re not told the specific functions that the website should perform and how it really is just a tool in our marketing toolbox.

If you answered no to any of the above then you have to question everything you’ve ever been told about website world. The problem with most web designers is that they are not marketers.

It’s not their fault, they know how to do sexy graphics and know some code and stuff but they don’t understand marketing. And especially direct response marketing. For the most part all you end up with is a very sexy online corporate style brochure… and that’s it!

It won’t actually make you any money. Makes you wonder why you would bother doesn’t it. The whole point of a website is to build your business so you make more money through…

  • Generating leads.
  • Generating fresh and qualified leads consistently.
  • Being able to start a relationship with prospects.
  • Capturing the prospects details so you can market to them consistently.
  • Being able to relate to and market to existing clients.
  • Actually make money.

So David was well on his way to achieving that with his new style website based on the WordPress platform and our template, big box of tricks and hosting. Already he had 2 people respond to the information that he was able to post easily and quickly on his own to his own website, he was rapt.

He was able to respond to these ‘comments’ and start a relationship with these people. That seems to be a fundamental flaw in most peoples thinking with websites and business today. So many people have forgotten the basics…

People want to do business with people!

That’s what this style and model of website will achieve. It’s all about being able to relate to your prospects and clients. The side spin to this is other people visiting his site will see this and it starts to bring the barriers down and the trust factor up. The world will see that you’re a real person who knows what they’re talking about and not some big impersonal corporation.

The Google Gods will smile upon you!

Not only that but it means that the Google Gods will smile upon you because you have a web 2.0 based website platform. Without going all techy it basically means the search engine world will love you and your site which means that more people will find out about you and you can actually interact with them.

And that’s without any marketing per say. This style is the way of the future for websites but more importantly for NOW because you really don’t want to get left behind and have your competition getting the jump on you.

David is now able to run direct response marketing pieces, both online and offline and direct people to his site, qualify them, capture their details and market to them at will.

How good is that?

I’ll keep you posted with David’s progress as it all really starts to snowball for him.

audio“Breaking News”! I’ve just done an interview with David so can listen in to what David actually had to say! Hear David O’s Rave Here NOW!

Do you want these sort of results? Jump on this NOW and I’ll talk you through it! Contact me NOW!

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