The issue is too many ideas and not enough time.

idealightbulb02-166I’m sure you’re the same, with that entrepreneurial spirit there is never a shortage of ideas or opportunities, our problem is we only have one life to try and fit it all in.

I’ve just come from a great mastermind session this morning. A colleague who has become a good friend John Denton runs these “Connect” groups and we meet on a monthly basis.

The power of ‘connecting’ with others, ‘networking’ and having ‘mentors’ is very powerful!

In this session I was able to help a member, Andrew Huffer with a particular marketing piece and he just sent me the following email. I don’t show this to boast but to simply draw attention to the power in what I call “Third Party Objective View”.

Andrew is pretty savvy in his own right and is a very powerful facilitator – hence the marketing piece he had created which had lots going for it but sometimes we’re to close to be able to “nail it”.

andrew1-2From: Andrew Huffer & Associates
Sent: Friday, 17 April 2009 1:30 PM
To: Peter
Subject: Revised flier

G’day Peter

Thanks for the feedback on the flier

A revised version is attached.

Now it:
Uses simpler language that audience will understand
Connects with their frustrations
Paints a picture of the ideal world for audience
Is easier to understand what the hell is on offer!
Has a story about me
Makes the bonuses clearer
Has a PS to create more interest

So thanks again – feel free to use this in a testimonial (the Master & his Apprentice?) I’ll keep you posted on results.



Now, although the “third party” is powerful you do need to be careful which “third party” you’re using. You wouldn’t get advice on real estate from the granny next door would you? (Unless she has a huge property portfolio of course)

I see it all the time with lead generation and converting websites from internet places to visit to internet places to qualify new clients (and actually make money).

A website has 2 simple tasks – as a tool to capture leads and prospects and qualify them as well as communicate with clients. There are different things that occur within those 2 but that really covers it, unless you sell direct from your website of course.

John Denton had “7 Keys or Secrets To Successfully Prepare Your Business For Sale… or Lifestyle” on his site which is great information for any business owner, whether you’re ready to sell or not. Stuff most people don’t think of until it’s way too late.

John is a very successful business broker and consultant and he had that information readily available for the world to read, a great service.

I’d been talking to John about the merits of using WordPress as a website platform and especially the template we have customised. The penny really dropped for John when he realised that we could combine his “blog” and “website” into 1. That’s one of the major benefits of using the world famous WordPress as your website platform, you control your site and the Google Gods absolutely love websites built on this.

So that’s what we did this week, built John a new site. I analysed John’s old site first so back to the “7 Keys or Secrets To Successfully Prepare Your Business For Sale… or Lifestyle”.

I could see that John was going to miss out on building a list of people that would be prepared to exchange their contact details to get that info. See, not everyone is ready to act when they find your site and your great info. And if you live in the hope that they’ll come back when they are ready, well… good luck with that.

By you thinking more strategically and getting their details in exchange for this info means you can implement whatever follow up process is appropriate for your business. It might be an email, a series of emails, maybe a follow up phone call.

This is where the real power of the “Third Party Objective View” comes into play. With all my focus on “lead generation” and using “Wordpress” as a “Smarter Websites” model I was able to bring clarity to John’s website and marketing funnel that he didn’t pick up on. As savvy as he is!

Get that professional “Third Party Objective View”.

Back to John’s new site! No, I’m not going to take you there… yet! It’s about 75% built and I don’t like to show my “wares” until their done. The baker wouldn’t show his pie until it was fully baked right!

Here’s what I will do though – over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a “before” and “after” so you can get to see what changes and find out the why.

PS: Don’t forget, sometimes we’re so close to what we’re doing to see the wood for the trees.

PPS: Ironic note to self – use my 2 mastermind colleagues to be the “Third Party Objective View” and critique my own “marketing funnel”- like I said, sometimes we’re too close to see. Could be too much wood or maybe not enough trees?

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Peter B Butler




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