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With this subject we’ve broken it down into 2 separate modules, 2 components if you like – ‘Lead Generation’ and then there’s ‘Prospect Qualification’

Hey let’s face it, not every lead is an ‘A’ grade client so qualifying them after you generate the lead adds massive value to your business, and to your sanity coz ‘C’ grade clients are just hard work.

More on qualifying leads later.

Lead Generation: a systematic approach to converting and ascending unknown website visitors into leads, prospects and then clients, all on auto pilot.

Sounds good huh?

Ask yourself this question: If you could have 10 new clients today, but they all had to be a clone of your ideal ‘A’ grade client, who would that be?

Your website should be built for your number one client and nobody else.

The best way to get more of those clients is to first identify who they are, who is the most profitable, gives you the least amount of grief, is a joy to work with, who refers you more new business, pays on time and who you would genuinely like to have more of.

This is usually difficult to execute because we are afraid of potentially losing other clients. –

However, if we have identified who our number one client is, doesn’t it make sense to then focus on just attracting more of them?

Question: “Out of 100 visitors to your website how many can you now market too?”

Most business owners cannot answer this question, or they don’t understand it, or the answer is often none, as in nil, nix, nothing.

Why would you spend any money on a website or marketing to get people there and then not be able to market to them after they leave? Honestly, this does my head in. It’s insane!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your web visitors identify themselves?

They’ve come to your website for a reason. They are interested in what you have to offer, but maybe they’re not be ready to buy right now.

Sad thing is – most business owners think “Oh, they’ll come back to me when they’re ready.” Good luck with that strategy!

So what is your strategy?

How are you going to stay a top of mind thought when they are ready to buy?

Wishful thinking? Hope? Yeah, not really a strategy though.

That’s what the Lead Generation Module will provide. Well, that’s one of the things.

The major point with lead generation is positioning. If you’re perceived as the ‘go to person’, as being knowledgeable and your credibility is high then people will naturally trust you more.

With a higher level of trust, you’ll get more business. And it will be easier business to get.

Plus, the point is, you’re converting unknown web visitors into identified prospects. That’s money in the bank.

Lead generation is what your competition is probably thinking about doing – best you get there sooner.

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We mentioned qualifying leads earlier.

Prospect Qualification: a systemic approach for filtering leads so you either –

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