Why You Need Nurture Sequences in Your Sales Process

A nurture sequence is a set of emails that are pre-written and delivered at a certain time after –

  • a new lead has engaged with you
  • you’ve done a presentation and sent out a proposal
  • or after someone has purchased a product or service from you

The purpose of the nurture sequence is to keep in front of that person and to teach them something that leads them to make a purchase from you, whether that is their first purchase or their next purchase.

Plus if it says a new prospect, and you’ve sent the proposal out, you don’t want to appear ‘needy‘ with a follow-up.

What in essence is this ‘nurture sequence’ doing though?

Mostly educating your leads and prospects. Useful ‘value add’ information that positions you as the go-to person, that helpful person so they can’t but resist choosing you.

Why? Because you’ve taken the time to invest in helping them, and set yourself apart from the competition.

You’ve ‘nurtured’ the relationship.

You will need autoresponder software to set this up, and you may need an expert to help you technically, and best practices with the right timing to set between emails, etc.

The beauty of nurture sequences is that your prospects and clients are getting looked after while you sleep… or while you’re doing other things. They are a great time saver and therefore money saver and are a very reliable way to stay in front of your tribe in an effective way.

Smart Actions:

1) Look at what things in your business could use one of these sequences

2) Think about what your prospect or client would find useful to know after the particular action, whether it be after a purchase, attending a workshop, receiving a lead magnet

3) Note down a plan of what you would tell them. Usually between 5 and 12 emails. Very short snippets and simple to read and follow

4) Follow this plan to write the content of your emails in your nurture sequence

5) Decide on what to set them up in or engage an expert to do it for you

Does someone say systems? Around nurture sequences? Want to talk?



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