3 Simple Ways To Build a Bigger Audience Online

In this article and video, we will be covering 3 simple ways to build a bigger  audience online for you and your business.

Let's talk chat tools.audience online

We'll also cover Push Notifications, these are simple and powerful, they're great if you regularly add new content and want to notify clients or potential clients every time new content is added.

The last audience builder is a Free Report Model, in our video, we show you the Exit Pop-up Model.

You have the web visitors, just connect with them better.

Three simple ways to build a bigger audience online.

Look, we've all spent time and effort and dollars getting our website built.

Then, we're investing even more time and effort and dollars in getting more traffic to our website.

Now, these web visitors are interested in what we do, if it's qualified traffic, they might just not be ready to buy yet.

  • So, how do you cultivate that relationship?
  • How do you make sure they come back to you when they are ready?
  • How do you stay in touch and how do you foster that connection?

So, I'm going to show you three ways this can be done, three ways to get better results online.

Firstly is a chat feature down the bottom right. Secondly is the push notifications and third is an exit popup. We're going to show you that last because that's on the exit.


Hi, I'm Peter Butler, Smarter Websites. So, firstly the chat feature. Now, there are different ways to do this. We're active on Facebook, so it makes sense for us to use the Facebook Messenger feature. We then have the contact Facebook details and are able to build an audience that way. We can then follow-up and we can use these contacts to create an audience if and when we run a Facebook ad campaign. That's the simplest way.

Another option would be a chat plugin, independent of Facebook.

And there's a myriad of plugins and online platforms to manage these communications.

A high level is chatbot technology that can be plugged in either Facebook Messenger or a standalone chat plugin or platform. So, I'll show you how a chatbot works.

chatbots - smarter bot


Chatbots can give instant pre-determined responses, and in this world of instant, these are really useful. So, when people come to my website, they're basically going to help in three different areas, help with their website, getting more traffic or social media help.

Now, we've invested some time and effort into identifying, okay, so if somebody needs help with their website and they click on this, what is the next step?

What is the journey that we want to take them on? So, I'll click on that and show you that now. And you can see the bot's typing as if it's a real person. And that's the notification on my phone that somebody's using the chatbot. So, you can see you get notified straight away.

The first question we ask is, do you have an existing website? Yes, I do or no I don't.

Now, depending on what the person answers as to what the next stage is going to be. So, I'm guiding people along a pathway. Now, if they say to get more traffic, we actually direct them to get a web audit. Now, that's been really successful for us. And social media help, we can do a Facebook ad audit as well.

So, if you invest the time and cover off on all the simple FAQs or direct them along a pathway, chatbots can be really powerful.

I just want to bring a distinction between a Facebook Messenger, simple messenger, without a chatbot or you can plug chatbot technology in as well. So, there are two different levels there, simple and sophisticated.

Push Notifications

push notifications

Okay, the next methodology is push notifications. Simple and powerful.

When your website first loads, this simple, unobtrusive tab slides in. I'll show you how that just slides in.

Press the window and you can see it just slides in. Push notifications are the little notifications that pop up on your browser window down the bottom right-hand side here.

This is especially powerful if you add new content regularly or have regular updates or offers. At a simple level, any user that clicks allow will get notified any time you add that new content or send an update through the software. A more sophisticated level would enable sending an email notification as well as the browser.

Value Exchange

value exchangeSo, that's those two methodologies. The final one is the value exchange model or the free report or the free e-series model.

This I recommend as an exit popup only and I'll show you how that works. As I move my cursor, bang, it slides in. As I said, I recommend this as an exit popup only. Google had an issue with popups a while back. They call them interstitials.

That's why I recommend exit popups only.

So, it will only appear when a person goes to leave your website.

It's a great way to add value and get peeps details to continue to market to them. The only thing is, the free report has been done to death, but it's still a valid model.

It just needs to be a great offer, not some namby-pamby, fluffy value exchange. Value Exchange is a solid way to build your database and build trust and credibility. All of this is in order to help you position yourself as the go-to person for your service or product and it makes sense in your content marketing strategy.

Marketing is all about leverage and we want 10 out of 10 for our efforts, not a lame six out of 10. Here's the thing. This strategy is directed at people who are already on your website. So, why not create multiple ways to continue to market to them without any extra effort?

Once these strategies are set up, they self-manage, well, with the exception of the chat options, obviously you actually need to respond. So, this should be a part of your content marketing strategy to make sure you stay a top of line service or product provider.

So, I hope these tips help and make sense. And if we can assist and set these up on your website, give us a shout out through the form or phone the office on (08) 9439 2820 That's (08) 9439 2820. So, that's Peter Butler of Smarter Websites, go and market smarter.



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