What Types of Keywords Should You Try To Rank For?

It’s always a balance between the big volume keywords (lots of searches), and the ‘not so hard’ to rank for keywords.

It’d be nice to rank # 1 overnight in Google for keywords with 10.000 searches per month.

I did cover this briefly in the previous post – Keyword Research Tools – but repeating it here just so the info stands out.

BIG time notation is the ‘SEO Difficulty’ score. The higher the number the harder it is to get to Page 1 in Google for that term.

So look for keywords or what they call long-tail keywords. They’re generally 2 or 3 words stringed (phrase) together that less people are searching for, and far easier to get good rankings for.

It’s a journey with getting to spot # 1 in Google…

You start on internet flotsam land like no-one and Google knows you exist.

Then you climb into the top 10 pages in Google, take a curtsy…

Then you climb higher, getting closer to the top 3 pages…

Then you finally make it to Page 1, but down the bottom…

Deep breathe, you keep climbing, and you’re in the top 5, woohoo, getting some enquiries now.

Focus on keywords OR ‘long tail’ keywords that will help you get better rankings sooner.

Make sense?

I reckon of all the free tools this is the best > https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

What number should it be? It really does depend on your niche or industry, but probably below 50 or 60 on average.

Smart Actions:

1) Highlight the keywords with lower keyword difficulty scores

2) Focus on them in blog posts, and page by page SEO


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