SEGUE: Stay in Touch

This is where most business owners totally drop the ball.

You have client contact details on file somewhere, you have a bunch of business people you’ve met along the way, but you rarely communicate with them?

Why would you not?

I hear so many people saying “oh, I don’t want to email them, I don’t like SPAM myself”.

Great, don’t SPAM them then!

Just keep them updated, with valid and interesting content.

If right from the very beginning you had a system where you informed clients, networking contacts, people from appropriate groups, that you had a regular newsletter, and you’d like to send them regular updates, and if they didn’t want the updates at some point, they could simply unsubscribe, how many contacts would you have?

Hundreds if not thousands!

People don’t mind, as long as they’ve been informed. And some might even say ‘No thanks” and that’s OK, coz you know. Make sense?

I personally have a list of 14,500 contacts, and with attrition over 14 years+, I have an active list of 5,500.

Because I used permission based marketing right from the get go!

But it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the quality of the contacts.

They need to be people you know, and have some sort of relationship with.

You need to be strategic, and have a plan. If you live in the hope that people will come to you when they need you, you’re dreaming, that’s not a plan, that’s just hope.

Build your contacts, stay in touch, and you’ll boost your sales, and it will get you through the tough times too.

Keep an open mind as you read through the ‘Stay in Touch’ series…

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