Rules of Engagement

Don’t just always ‘send stuff out’. Even if it is valuable and helpful tips and tricks the other part of the equation is the relationship.

Social media is a two-way conversation. Your comments on other people’s posts are as important as the conversations you start. Engage in the conversations of friends and colleagues by adding your comments. Respond to those that reach out to you.

Just like with the sales assistant. When you have that one on one contact a relationship of sorts is formed.

You liked that sales assistant, you probably bought more from them, or said yes in a shorter time frame or came back more often, all because you connected with them. You’d started a relationship. We need to take what we do offline and put it on-line as much as possible.

The smart businesses foster those relationships in an “off-line” way through promotions and direct marketing techniques. And that’s what you need to do on-line.

But here’s the thing. You actually do start to connect with people on-line and build real relationships. Using the time wisely is the key to success and you really do need to have a timer running on this. I see people seemingly spend half a day on Facebook and not really achieve much.

Get on, do your ‘stuff’ and get off again.

So to summarise, be looking for people and comments that you can get engaged with, contribute and try and make a difference for others.

Manage your time, actually run a clock to suit your goals and time available. If you’re a newbie you might have to allow extra time to get familiar with ‘stuff’.

Smart Actions:

1) Spend 10 – 15 minutes a day on social, set the timer

2) Like and share more

3) Take time to comment as well, engage with people on your social feeds

4) Pick up the phone occasionally. Radical huh?

I saw your post, prompted me to touch base…


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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

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