Productise, productise…

Productise – ‘verb’

“make or develop (a service, concept, etc.) into a product. To make something into a product that can be sold.”

Do you spend time customising your services to suit new clients depending on their needs?

If you have, then this is going to save you a truckload of time.

Turn your services into products, or ‘productise’…

There are BIG benefits to this:

  • Provide the same consistent level of service to each customer
  •  Ability to now create a system of delivery for each product you’ve created
  • Save time by knowing exactly how you will deliver
  • Save time by having a clearly defined system set up to deliver it
  • Makes it easier to hand over parts of the delivery to team members as you have a set way you deliver
  • Makes it easier to sell as you have fixed prices for your product offerings
  • Makes it easier to up-sell or cross-sell to ‘other’ products you create

This a good thing.

When you bring a higher level of clarity to what it is you do, what it is people get, and firm clear pricing it also gives you more confidence which exudes your very being when you share about your ‘products’ and service.

What does that do?

Gets you more sales, and easier sales, and happier clients.

Then you need to name that product, an emotional outcomes-based name is good. Has to obviously be professional, but to evoke an emotion means you will get better ‘buy-in’ from peoples.

As an example, we have our ‘Local Online Hero‘ Module, which helps positions businesses in Google and ALL the search engines, making them the ‘Local Online Hero‘.

Be prepared to work ‘on the fly’ as you’re talking to people, maybe your products don’t line up perfectly with their needs, create a new product on the fly, you’ll be amazed at how easy it really is.

Smart Actions:

1) List what you can productise

2) List the components or elements of each ‘product’

3) Give them a catchy name

4) Setup up a system to deliver each product

Want to talk about the best way to display your products or packages online?

Or just brief us on what your plan is >

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