Email Spoofing Checklist – How To Check!

How To Tell If Your Email Has Been Spoofed

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(00:01) Spam email is on the increase. So is extortion and blackmail online. And the latest trend is email spoofing and that is where an email is sent to you and it appears that it has been sent from you. So it's almost like somebody has gained access to your email account and they're sending you an email and they're threatening to do certain things.

(00:29) And basically, the only way you can get out of it is to pay them a small fee, generally through Bitcoin. And there's all sorts of accusations of inappropriate behavior and so forth and rudeness and lewdness.

(00:43) So the purpose of this video is to show you how to check, if in fact your account has been compromised. Because as a business owner, that's what you need to know. So it's Peter Butler, Smarter Websites and I'll quickly show you how to do that.

(00:57) So all you do is double click on your email, open it up, you go to file, go to properties. And what we're looking for is a return path or received from. So in this particular case, the return path is some obtuse email and that's the actual email account that this has been sent from. And you can also look for an envelope, right? So that's how they cloak the email address.

(01:28) Now, managing services, we do, we put all sorts of safeguards in place to protect our clients and business owners from this sort of stuff, but the spammers are getting very, very clever and this is just the latest thing to do the rounds. Now, it's been done before and security was increased and now we're getting another spate of it at the moment. So it's called email spoofing.

(01:55) So I'll just show you that again, how to access that. So you just double click on your email, go up there, file, go to properties and you're looking for a received from in there. And if it's not your email account, you can pretty well guarantee that it hasn't been compromised at all and it's a false claim and you can ignore it.

(02:19) However, I would always recommend checking in with your hosting provider and any of our clients, please do check in. We haven't had any legitimate compromises and it's a load of crap.

Anyway, thought I'd do this video to show people how to double check and I hope that helps. Peter Butler from Smarter Websites.

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