Fully Optimise Your Social Media Platforms

Now you have set up all your social platforms, and decided on which ones to primarily ‘drive’, are they fully optimised?

Not having them fully optimised is like getting a 6 out of 10 score for your efforts, to win the game of ‘social’ you need to be getting 10 out of 10.

We’ve seen so many Facebook Business pages with barely any information in them. They create the page, stick up a cover image and profile pic and think that’s enough. This is NOT a good look for your business.

If all the information isn’t completed in the About section, it makes people wonder if the business is real, if it’s legit and impedes the trust-building process.

So go in and take 30 minutes and fill out all you can on every social media platform you use to legitimise your accounts for your potential clients.

This will maximise their performance.

Smart Actions:

1) Write a short description of your business

2) Go into the settings of each social media account and complete as many details as you can

3) If you have a Facebook Business Page, write a story in the about section

See our full post coming up on our ‘Top 7 LinkedIn Optimisation Tips’

If you need help with getting 10 out of 10 on your social platforms we should speak >


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Peter B Butler

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