WordPress 2.9 Is Available

wordpress-icon-big-250It has been for about a week or so.

If you visit WordPress.org you will notice that the classic blue download button now says “Download WordPress 2.9?. This is a major upgrade, and brings some really cool new features, including:

  • Trash bin (no more problems with accidentally deleting posts or pages)
  • Built-in image editor (this is very cool and I used it last week)
  • Batch plugin update
  • Easier video integration
  • rel=”canonical” tag support
  • database optimization

The interesting thing is that when I logged into my WordPress dashboard a couple of minutes ago I didn’t see the message “Your WordPress version is out of date. Please upgrade!”. It’s just a “WordPress 2.9 is available Please update now.”

I am guessing that since 2.9 is not a security release they are not displaying that message to users of older versions.

I have yet to upgrade my core site Smarter Websites but I did upgrade to 2.9 on a new site of ours – This New Years Resolution

That’s where I got to play with the new built in image editor. What was really handy was after I had loaded an image I wanted to display it on the right hand side of the page. It would look better reversed and I was able to do that in one single click, awesome.

I also love the trash bin idea, brilliant, no more problems with accidentally deleting posts or pages.

For the Smarter Website clients, we haven’t upgraded you yet. If you’re in a hurry make a comment and I’ll get it done tomorrow.

Different tangent:

We optimised a site last Wednesday, Alexa ranking was 18,171,379 and now, 6 days later is 3,141,721 – and we ain’t finished yet. I’ll update you on that tomorrow.

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