New Years Eve Site Soars Up The Search Engine Charts

new years resolutionsJust a quick update on a site and how, just in one week it has soared up the charts.

This was a domain I bought a week before last new years eve. The plan was to generate a heap of traffic and build a list. I used some PC software to build the site in and graphically it was fine but you can imagine that the competition was stiff and trying to get any decent placement in the search engines was an uphill battle. I had to cut my losses.

True to form this year I left it to the last minute and only just reloaded the site using WordPress along with a heap of very cool plug ins we use.

Here's the Alexa Rankings climb over the last week.

Remember, Google Page Rank, Alexa Rankings are all just indicators of how your site is doing for relevance, authority, keywords, content and so on. They are not the definitive measures or the be all of whether your site is successful. What determines that? Your bank account.

  • Are you getting traffic?
  • Are you converting visitors into leads and prospects?
  • What's your sales process for converting them into paying clients?

Anyway, it is obviously beneficial if your site is being recognised by the major search engines because you will show up more in search results for more and more terms that you're trying to rank for.

Back to the experiment: Here's the website -

And here's the Alexa Rankings climb over the last week.

  • 23.12.09 - 18,171,379
  • 25.12.09 - 11,748,932
  • 26.12.09 - 6,172,656
  • 29.12.09 - 3,141,721
  • 30.12.09 - 2,785,715

I'm pretty rapt. Frankly I haven't had time to fill it with as much content as I wanted to, which all helps in it's ranking and positioning. Plus, the more fresh and relevant content the longer people will stay and the more will be interested they will be in jumping in for the e-series - which by the way is AWESOME stuff for staying on track with Your New Years Resolutions!

Don't be shy, you can get the "Resolution Ready Reckoner" which is just the coolest tool for helping you actually achieve your goals.

So you can see the power of using WordPress just from the Alexa Ranking perspective.

Like I said before, time is an issue for me, plus I needed top quality coaching material for the e-series so I've partnered up with a guy who runs very successful mentoring and coaching programs, he also buys and sells businesses for smart business owners. The stuff that John has available can turn your business around in a year, or sooner. Oh, that would be John Denton of Business Ready For Sale.

I've also had some fun creating a Fan Page in FaceBook - you can check that out here, join in the fun and get access to the invaluable content in the e-series.

Join the FaceBook Group "Make 2010 YOUR Year".

Get the "Make 2010 YOUR Year" e-series and Your "Resolution Ready Reckoner" here.

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