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Page 1, Position # 5 in Google in 5 Days Flat…

So my ‘cranky pants’ are off, my ‘winning smile’ face is on and I’m all pumped. Yesterday I shared how my drop dead gorgeous wife was cross with me for spending way too much time in the office. Hey, I was a man with a mission.

The good news is three-fold. My wife likes it when we have a ‘win in business’, mainly coz I’m a happy chappy and also, she gets to go hopping more. The other good news is that the ‘win in business’ is our Niche Domain Mini SEO Website packages are ready. And that’s the third fold good news for you.

You now have access to our ‘Secret Weapon of Mass Domination’.

You get to bank more money because of the extra traffic your business website is about to get. Why?

That’s what the ‘Mini SEO Website’ does.

Niche Domain Mini SEO Websites – 3 page websites that are designed to fast track you getting to page 1 on Google for one primary search term plus four other keywords.

Here’s a simple low cost way for business owners to take advantage of this technology to bump their business website traffic and search engine ranking.

It’s Simple:

  • If you want to be known for ‘business websites perth’ then you buy that domain name or a variation of it. EG: – – and we build your new Niche Domain Mini SEO Website on that domain and point it to your main website.
  • If you’re a personal trainer and want to rank well for that term in a certain suburb then you register that domain name and we build a Niche Domain Mini SEO Website on that domain and point it to your main website.
  • If you’re a business coach with a niche market then register that domain name and what you do, maybe where and we build a Niche Domain Mini SEO Website on that domain and point it to your main website.
  • If you provide software training using particular software then register that domain name and what you do and we build a Niche Domain Mini SEO Website on that domain and point it to your main website.
  • If you’re an accountant and want to rank well for a district, or perhaps a niche in the industry then register that domain name and we build a Niche Domain Mini SEO Website on that domain and point it to your main website.

Dominate YOUR Market!

These websites are loaded with the 5 primary search terms you want to be known for. So you could have 1 or 5 or 10 or 100 Niche Domain Name Mini SEO Websites all on Page 1 in Google ALL pointing at your main business website.

It’s an easy way for the average business owner to DOMINATE YOUR NICHE over the corporations and big boys who spend thousands every single month on SEO.

We published on the Thursday and on Tuesday PAGE 1 on GOOGLE! Woo Woo!

And we know from previous experience the site will hold its position. We’ve done this many times before but 5 days is a record even for us (I would show you more examples of our success with this but then my competition would know so sorry folks, this is all you get to see) We don’t brag about it because it’s our ‘secret weapon of mass domination’.

You Can Outrank the Big Boys TOO!


AND this is a sweet deal, a once off investment, no ongoing costs or monthly fees! (Except inexpensive web hosting)



What is the first thing the search engines look for?

  • The domain name or web address.
  • What is the next thing that they look for? The Title (that’s the text up the very top left of your computer screen).
  • Then they look for the description (hidden in the code but VERY important) and then the keywords factor in next.
  • What is the next thing they rank your website by? The ‘Heading Title Tags’. These are generally the headlines and sub headlines on your site. They have to be set up correctly.

Why is all of this important?

When you search for something Google, Bing and Yahoo want to give YOU (or your clients) exactly what you’re looking for. It’s all about ‘user experience’ and the best results.

And if your niche domain name matches what people are searching for it will rank well.

And if your new niche Mini SEO Website is structured well it will direct traffic directly back to your core business website. And LOT’S of it!

And if your core website will help them, answer their problem, give the user that experience, and offer a solution then this can help in 3 simple ways –

1         capture direct search engine traffic

2         direct traffic to your core site

3         help boost the rankings of your core website

Not only will it help you to get to page 1 on Google! It will help you to stay there!

Don’t Let Your Competition Get the Jump On You! Are you ready for DOMINATION? Maybe even World Domination!

Limited Packages: We know there’s going to be a rush for these so that’s why we’re going to have to limit the amount of orders we take before Xmas and we also have a special BULK BUY packages below for the smart business owners who want to seriously dominate their market segment.

You Will Need To Be QUICK!


This is on a ‘first in best dressed’ basis. Let’s get straight to the deal:

1 Niche Domain Mini SEO Website $770
5 Niche Domain Mini SEO Websites $3300
10 Niche Domain Mini SEO Websites $5500


(Ridiculous isn’t it? These are full blown Genesis Framework WordPress websites with 3 pages fully SEO’d.) See below for the full technical details:

Seriously, Don’t Delay, When a Domain Has Gone… Its Gone Forever!


Let’s Get You Started! Book Your Mini SEO Websites NOW!

For the business owner who wants to understand it more, here’s the results and read on below

Niche Domain Mini SEO Website (the Specifications)

–          Focussing on top 5 keywords for your niche

–          SEO Title * (from your existing site)

–          SEO Description * (from your existing site)

–          SEO Keyword bank * (from your existing site)

–          SEO Text Saturation on Page *

–          Optimised H1, H2, H4, H5 and H6 Title Tags *

–          Strong Anchor Text Links throughout site

–          Fully Functional and Optimised ‘Contact Us’ page

–          Fully Optimised ‘About Us’ Page

–          Anchor Text Link To Testimonials/Case Studies on Core Website (Credibility factor)

–          Full XML Search Engine Compliant Site Map (Search Engines love this)

–          Full SEO and Search Engine Compliant Archives Page

–          SEO Anchor Text Footer Links (Links direct to your website with the terms you want to be known for)

–          RSS Feed from Core Website (Core website content pulled automatically)

–          One Primary Graphic from Your Core Website

–          Gravatar and Author Install on Mini SEO Website (from existing account)

–          Google Analytics Site Registration *** (using your pre-existing Google Account, otherwise charges apply)

–          Install Google Analytics Tracking Code into site *** (so you know exactly how much traffic)

–          Premium Australian Virtual Private Server Hosting provided **

–          Choice from 10 core template colours

All of the above to be set up on YOUR primary niche domain names.

Let’s Get You Started! Book Your Mini SEO Websites NOW!



Conditions & Stuff You Need To Know:

You must have a current website.

You must provide us with access to your niche domain or domains, so we can repoint it to the hosting server (Charges will apply otherwise @ $121 per hour).

You specify the domain name and 5 core keywords and phrases you want to rank for.

What do the *stars* mean?

* We use the primary Meta Data (Title, Description and Keywords) from your existing core website (Charges will apply otherwise). See below for a full SEO Competition Analysis and Meta Data Creation Package.

** 12 months Premium Australian Server Hosting is INCLUDED FREE in this package. Credit Card details required for the Auto-Renewal 12 month Premium Australian Server Hosting at $132 per year (due to be paid IN 12 months).

*** For us to do the Google Site Registration and Analytics Code you must have a pre-existing Google account AND provide us with access to that account (otherwise charges of $121 per hour will apply for account set up and registration or we leave that component)

We use a standard graphic from your core existing site (supplied by you – unless you’re an existing client and we have it on file).

You need to have a Gravatar and Author BIO from an existing account. Easy to do. (otherwise charges of $121 per hour apply)

You must provide the copy for the ‘home page’, the ‘about us’ page and the ‘contact us’ page.

Design template used as shown in the demo, with your choice from 10 default theme colours.

The site to be structured as per the demo –

The required information, content and graphics to be supplied within 30 days.

We cannot guarantee page 1 results although we’d like to but only the Google Gods know all the rules.

We reserve the right to refuse this offering to any person or business if we so choose.

We also reserve the right to update these terms and conditions if we so choose.

Let’s Get You Started! Book Your Mini SEO Websites NOW!

The Other Stuff You Need To Know!

We will have the site loaded and live with 7 to 10 days once we have all information (e.g. access to domain, content, graphics, etc.)

When do I pay?

Half now and the other half in 15 days.

How do I pay?

By credit card. We will need a credit card to handle the 50% deposit and the final ‘go live’ 50% auto credit card payment in 15 days. No exclusions.

Where are the cheapest domains in Australia?

That would be us. Domain name registration can be done though our registration page – – For domains it’s only $22 for 2 years.

Let’s Get You Started! Book Your Mini SEO Websites NOW!


Can I get access to the ‘back end’ of the website?

Yes, absolutely. You get full Admin access as soon as the site is built and handover occurs.

Will I get my own username and password access?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I add new pages and content to the website?

Yes, absolutely.  Do be mindful though of its intended purpose, a high ranking website and traffic driver.

Are these websites built using the world famous Genesis Framework WordPress platform?

Yes, absolutely. We only build websites using this as our platform, with good reason!

Are further edits included?

It depends, but you will be able to self-manage this. Site edits can be managed by us if you are on our Premium 220 Membership Program and we will perform 1 edit per month at no charge otherwise it will be $121.00 per instance.

Let’s Get You Started! Book Your Mini SEO Websites NOW!

SEO Competition Analysis and Meta Data Creation Package: Let’s talk about your business and business needs.

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