How To Win Brownie Points With Your Partner This Xmas – ‘Tested’

My wife was real cranky with me last Thursday night.

Admittedly I was still in the office at 10pm but I had a mission that night. I just had to get this new website published.

I was stressed trying to get the code right and had my ‘cranky pants’ on… apparently.

We wanted to be known for the search term ‘business websites’ which is fairly competitive, meaning it might be tough to achieve in the short term. Add in the term ‘perth’ and that makes it a little more specific but it will still take time with lots of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work.

Imagine IF you had an extra 1 or 5 or 10 websites!

If they were all directing web traffic to your main business website imagine the extra phone calls and business you’ll get! Think banking more money!

That’s what a ‘Mini SEO Website’ does.

Niche Domain Mini SEO Websites – 3 page websites that are designed to fast track you getting to page 1 on Google for one primary search term plus four other keywords.

Here’s a simple low cost way for business owners to take advantage of this technology to bump their business website traffic and search engine ranking.

It’s Simple:

If you want to be known for ‘business websites perth’ then you buy that domain name or a variation of it. EG: – – and we build your new Niche Domain Mini SEO Website on that domain and POINT it to your main website (see our demo Business Websites Perth)

These websites are loaded with the 5 primary search terms you want to be known for. So you could have 1 or 5 or 10 Niche Domain Name Mini SEO Websites all on Page 1 in Google ALL pointing at your main business website.

It’s an easy way for the average business owner to DOMINATE YOUR NICHE over the corporations and big boys who spend thousands every single month on SEO.

We published on the Thursday and on Tuesday PAGE 1 on GOOGLE! Woo Woo!

And we know from previous experience the site will hold its position. We’ve done this many times before but 5 days is a record even for us (I would show you more examples of our success with this but then my competition would know so sorry folks, this is all you get to see) We don’t brag about it because it’s our ‘secret weapon of mass domination’.


AND it’s only going to be a once off investment, no ongoing costs or monthly fees! (Except inexpensive web hosting)

Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the packages so be ready.

Limited Packages: We know there’s going to be a rush for these so that’s why we’re going to have to limit the amount of orders we take before Xmas and we will also have a special BULK BUY package for the smart business owners who want to seriously dominate their market segment.

You Will Need To Be QUICK!

It will be on a ‘first in best dressed’ basis. If you pre-register you will have the first option, with no obligation.

But DO IT NOW! – Mini SEO Website Registration

PS: So how did I win brownie points with my wife? By Tuesday I was a very happy man – Happy man = happy wife = happy life! I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

Oh, the price? Cheap as chips, you will be amazed and regret not pre-registering to lock in your option to take advantage of this opportunity.

Register NOW, there is NO Obligation! – Mini SEO Website Registration

For the business owner who wants more detail and PROOF, here’s the results and read on below

So how will this help my business?

More back-links to your main business website is one benefit. Plus high rankings for specific search terms is another.

What is the first thing the search engines look for when someone does a search?

  • A multiple of elements but one is the domain name or web address.
  • What is the next thing that they look for? The Title (that’s up the very top left of your computer screen).
  • Then they look for the description (hidden in the code) and then the keywords factor in next.
  • What is the next thing they rank your website by? The ‘Heading Title Tags’. These are generally the headlines and sub headlines on your site. They have to be set up correctly.

Why is all of this important?

When you search for something Google, Bing and Yahoo want to give YOU (or your clients) exactly what you’re looking for. It’s all about ‘user experience’ and the best results.

If your niche domain name matches what people are searching for it will rank well.

And if your new Niche Domain Mini SEO Website is structured well it will direct traffic directly back to your core business website. And LOT’S of it!

So what are the 3 pages? The core fully Search Engine Optimised website (using your current primary meta data) with a fully configured ‘contact us page’ and a fully optimised ‘about us’ page. Plus absolutely loaded with techy SEO stuff.

Full details tomorrow.

It will be on a ‘first in best dressed’ basis. If you pre-register you will have the first option, with no obligation.

But DO IT NOW! – Mini SEO Website Registration (No Obligation)

Don’t let your competition get the jump on you!

Seriously, Don’t Delay, When a Domain Has Gone… Its Gone Forever!

Don’t miss out on your Niche Domain Mini SEO Websites!

Register NOW! – Mini SEO Website Registration (No Obligation)


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