Why You’re Losing Email Subscribers (and How to Fix That)

Losing email subscribers is natural and more common than you think. However, if you are losing a lot of email subscribers daily, you might be annoying or even angering your subscribers without even realizing it. Fortunately, it is quite easy to identify your mistakes and fix those to retain subscribers. You need to focus on giving your subscribers useful and engaging information to encourage them to buy your products and services and then create conversations. There are a number of reasons that may cause your subscribers to click that unsubscribe button.

How can you retain and engage your email subscribers

Sending too many emails

If you send emails daily or multiple times a day, you are going to lose a lot of subscribers. Peoples’ inboxes are already overflowing with emails and they are constantly inundated with information. If you add to their load daily with constant messages, you could come across desperate and no one wants to deal with a clinger.

Instead of quantity, focus on quality.

There is no hard and fast rule about the number of emails you can send to subscribers. It depends on the content that you send out. If your email subscribers have signed up for a free trial of your product. You can send out emails to help onboard them before the end of the trial period. If they’ve signed up to receive the information they find useful like news, ensure it’s relevant and you should be fine. However, if they’ve signed up for a “monthly newsletter”, don’t send them more than one email a month.

Keep emails eye-catching and relevant

If you send out ‘ugly’ or unformatted emails to subscribers, they could be tempted to unsubscribe. For example, unless you are sending a professional email or a personal message, people are not going to bother to read a wall of texts.

Make sure that your emails are always visually appealing. For example, you can add your logo and brand colours to make the email look appealing and to promote your brand. You should also optimize each email to look appealing on different browsers as well as devices. You don’t necessarily need a graphic designer’s help to make your emails look good. There are several email marketing services that let you drag and drop your content and Company logo on to a template. These templates turn out eye-catching emails to attract the interest of your subscribers. These templates are optimized to suit various browsers and devices and will help your emails look more appealing to the receiver.

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Grab the reader’s emails with unforgettable subject lines

Your email subject line should grab the reader’s attention. The subject line provides the first impression about your content. If you fail to come up with an attention-grabbing subject, your emails might remain unopened or get sent to the trash folder. If you continue to send uninteresting subject lines to your audience, they will lose interest in you and unsubscribe.

Always write subject lines that are short and sweet and relevant to the content. You could use tactics like using the recipient’s name in the subject line to attract attention and beat SPAM folders. Use action-oriented words to engage the reader and spark interest. Tools such as Email subject line testers to learn to improve the accuracy of your subject line’s word and character count. You can even use similar tools to preview what your subject line will look like on different devices.

Deliver what you promised when they first sign up

If your subscribers receive a lot of irrelevant (to them) emails from you. They are going to lose interest in you or worse find you annoying. For example, if your subscribers are interested in books written by unknown authors but you send them details about the best sellers that they already know, they are going to find your content useless. Always ensure that your content provides real value to readers.

Treat each subscriber as an individual with unique needs. Segment your emails to give your subscribers what they actually find interesting. They will respect you for it and this will improve your click-through rates and generate conversations around your products and services.

Finally, be assured that losing subscribers is entirely normal and it happens to everyone. But you can use the above tips to figure out if you’ve been doing something wrong and fix it.

You could consider sending an unsubscribe survey to improve your strategy and content.

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