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3 Powerful Ways to Cut Through Prospect Resistance! (and get more gigs)

By Peter B Butler | June 18, 2012

– and how to NOT become a price based commodity business! (If you don’t get one gem from reading this I’ll pay you $10 via Paypal, seriously) Notice how the competition is getting stiffer? So what can you do to strengthen your position online? Boost your prospects confidence. So when they see your services, even […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Marketing Budget For Web Video Before June 30

By Peter B Butler | April 22, 2013

As we draw closer to the end of another financial year, business owners find themselves doing two things with their marketing budgets. 1. Prioritising last minute tax deductible marketing investments 2. Planning their marketing budgets for next financial year Whatever category you fall into, this post will explain 7 reasons why you should be considering […]

Anatomy of a Good Email Signature: Summary

By Peter B Butler | June 5, 2017

Graphics & Design: No links in a main image, unless it’s your main web link and it’s obvious it is (Like Mark Fregnan’s in the video) Sharp images, not blurry graphics Size, not too big or small Mugshot, your photo for personalisation, and confidence, trust factor No links in the graphic, did I mention that […]

Make Sure You Have the ‘Ultimate Email Signature’

By Peter B Butler | June 5, 2017

Don’t let your email signature be a ‘blind spot’ for you. It actually really can make all the difference in building your business. DO YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE? CALL 08 9439 2820 NOW OR SIMPLY FILL IN THE FORM BELOW If at a minimum, this helps you get more click throughs to […]

Case Study Models

By Peter B Butler | April 25, 2018

We all know the power of testimonials, client reviews and case studies. How many of us have invested enough time into getting it up to the level it should be? I’ve recently invested a lot of time into getting my fair swag of online reviews. Google My Business – 26 Reviews LinkedIn – 44 Recommendations […]

Google My Business – Play the Game with Google and Google will Play the Game with You!

By Peter B Butler | May 15, 2018

  So welcome to another Smarter Business Tips @ Ten. Zoom is just connecting through to Facebook, hopefully that will stream smoothly, that’d be nice. So, if you think these business chips add value, please like it, love it, please share it on Facebook, make a comment or tag a friend. And if you need […]

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