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The last couple of “Lead Generating Web Site and Marketing Machines” we’ve set up for clients have been missing some specific content I needed.

And it shouldn’t have been!

So I want to give you the heads up on what you should be doing right now, whether you ever use us or not… and this is an absolute must for all business owners.

What others say about you is “infinitely more believable” than what you say about you…

… think about it.

How much more likely are you to try a new store or go to a restaurant if a friend or family member told you about it?

A lot more likely!

… imagine you then saw an ad in your local newspaper for this business.

You could almost speak with authority and recommend it to others even if you hadn’t been there yet. If someone you know and trust is making a recommendation it invariably means you are going to trust their judgement.

This is a very powerful marketing strategy that you need to embrace fully and use to its full extent.

You’ve probably heard me rave previously about what I call “gush factor” service. Forget the wow factor… we should all move our service to the gush factor level but that’s another rave.

My point is this. What is the value of creating gush factor service and great client rapport if nobody shares it with the world?

No value!!! It’s great to give good service and have happy clients but you really are leaving a lot of money on the table if you ‘don’t get this right’.

… a high gush factor with someone singing your praises is a really powerful tool.

Testimonials provide credibility as well as proof.

Not sure about you but I’m a bit of a gadget freak and I need reasonable amounts of retail therapy. Hey, we all have a vice or three. When I’m out with friends and family I use their recommendations and experiences a lot so I to know where to get the best value for my retail therapy sessions.

So why is this all so powerful? Like most business owners you rely on referrals for new business… a lot!

We all need to maintain or build our self generating referral machine. This is all a part of us positioning our business.

Isn’t that why you started in business in the first place? To be independent!

By using testimonials to provide this credibility and proof of what you say about you is true you’re also switching the psychology of your prospect or new client. They’re already pre-disposed to do business with you. The trust factor is high which means they’re like a direct referred client.

Using the Direct Response Marketing and Lead Generating model of the Smarter Websites system with testimonials is like a self generating referral and marketing centre all on its own.

That’s powerful. So what did we do about getting those missing testimonials? Got on the phone to back track what we and started a system to collect as much as we could.

Imagine your arsenal if you’d started this a year or three ago.

Some business owners already get testimonials and might be saying ‘So what, been there and done that”.

Well, get this… There is a powerful way to get them and use them and the lame way.

  • What should your testimonials say?
  • How to double the power and readership of yours!
  • When is the best time to get your testimonial?
  • How should they be signed?
  • How and where should you use them?

All this and more will be covered next week…

Speak then.

Committed to Generating “Highly Qualified” Leads and Making You More Money,

Peter B Butler.



Finally: A lead generation and marketing system that generates a stream of “highly qualified” clients for small business owners and retailers that’s self managed so they ‘own’ it and it positions them as the experts in their area and ends all lame and frustrating and sometimes costly advertising and marketing methods.

All those in favour of that say ‘AYE’!

To find out more go to Peter B Butler on… Direct Response Marketing, Websites and Lead Generation!

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