Everyone Is A Marketing Expert, Apparently…

p_003To build a really successful business we can’t do it all. As a start up we might be the “Jack or Jill of all trades” but sooner or later…

We get our bookkeeper to do the figures, the accountant to make it ‘make sense’ and work for the ATO and our insurance broker, mortgage broker to get us the best deal and so it goes on. We know we need these people and we trust their expertise and guidance (mostly).

But when it comes to marketing everyone is an expert, apparently…

That’s the trouble though, it’s just a damn opinion and rarely has it any connection to facts. Opinions are only opinions.

Why would you sit down with some friends or colleagues and make big decisions about the direction of your marketing and your website when all they are is opinions. It’s great to brainstorm to get the creative juices flowing but…

Seriously, I see this all the time and it’s doing my head in. I get paid good money to ‘make websites work’. The fact that we do a lot of rebuilds of ‘dead and dormant’ websites and turn them into lead generating, money making machines is evidence that we at least have half a clue that we know what we’re talking about.

But, go figure…

I then have people coming to me and saying “But my mate told me that if I buy a heap of domains and point them all to my main website then I’ll rank better.”

Well, good luck with that! Yup, you go waste your money… and time. Might have worked 5 years ago but do you really think that Google doesn’t cotton on to stuff like this? Whether you’re a Google fan or not their whole premise in business is to provide a “good user experience” and clever tricks like this won’t work, certainly not in the long term.

In the case above – How do you think a person might see you and your business if they see one website address and then they get sent to a different address? (There is a case for doing web address redirects but not as a supposedly clever SEO trick …)

That’s just one example of stuff that I hear. Hey, don’t get me wrong , I’m all for checking pretty well anything and everything out but here’s the litmus test if you like.

Look at your website and marketing as being the front door to your business.

  • Will you be able to relate well with people and build a relationship with them?
  • Will you get people to give you their details?
  • Will it be a good user experience?
  • Will you convert a certain number into paying clients?

But here’s the kicker. Who are you listening too? Someone who does it for a living… and is successful?

So why are we all experts on marketing?

Mostly because the opinions can’t be verified, not right there and then anyway. Why do you think most people believe “brand’ marketers” when they say “You just need to run the ad longer?”  The reason is because there is no evidence otherwise and people don’t know any better.

Another part of human nature is “enrolment”. If you get a group of people sitting around and they all back each other up on a particluar point then that’s enrolment. What is a maybe becomes a fact. If you really want to believe something it’s not hard to get people to agree with you.

You wouldn’t get property investment advice from the granny next door (not unless she was a property tycoon).

Here’s a fact!

I’ve had clients ask me “Why have a newsletter opt in as well as my Free Report opt in on my website?”

The answer is simple.

The stat’s over the last 12 months show that 2.5 people will sign up for the newsletter to every 10 people who grab your Free Report.

Obviously not everyone wants the solution you offer in your Free Report but they do want to get more of your stuff.

Now, armed with that factual information a client can then make an informed decision about whether they want a newsletter sign up form as well.

That’s my point – make decisions based on facts… and not opinions!

Opinions won’t make you any money and the reality is, it could cost you!

Do we at Smarter Websites know it all? Absolutely not, but you know, I am so passionate about websites actually working and making people money that I bust my gut to test and try everything. Make sure you always test and measure!

OK, I feel better, I’ve vented my frustration. Make a comment! Have you a similar experience from your niche, industry or field?

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