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Jul 26, 2019
brain thinking project portfolio

The Client:

Kerry’s professional life started out in the hairdressing industry and was successful, at a young age, in winning Western Australia’s “Apprentice of the Year”. In August 2004, she did a HBDI profile and it changed how she looked at herself and made her make sensible decisions for her family after the loss of her husband.

After attending many sales and management courses over the years, she is now a qualified HBDI Accredited Practitioner and helps businesses to get Better Thinking, Better Performance and Better Results.

Kerry had a very basic website built in Squarespace. She was to be featured in Nationwide Magazine Publication, in 2 weeks so time is of the essence. Not only that, she wanted to promote her 'Work To Your Strength' Program. 

We also had to create a custom questionnaire form that would help engage web visitors and help build Kerry's database in the simplest way possible.

Finally, wee only had 24 hours to decide on this form website URL.

As we don't play in Squarespace, and the form function we need was beyond Squarespace, we needed to rebuild the site in WordPress. The new site had to be 'live' within 3 weeks, complete with the 'pre-decided' form URL.

We ensured the form would give the results of the mini survey being completed. Although this would achieve what the client requested, and interactive engaging form, it still would not convert the submitter's into known prospects.

We scoped in a call to action form stating the survey details would be emailed to them to increase conversions.

As budget and speed were of the essence here we built the new site 'live'. We enable a full screenshot of the current site, with the client contact details.

We'd already done some testing of the form function, so we were able to activate that quickly.We also recommend that the client consider breaking up the single service page into 'like' services as sub services so as to help with engagement and page visits times.

The new site looked so professional, and captured the highest payoff service or activity that Kerry provides. In essence, it has better clarity, better branding, and better market place positioning.

In addition, Kerry had the one element that was going to drive here future business: a sound lead capture tool to not only increase her database but to help unknown prospects into people predisposed already to do business with her. This means a better caliber client.

It was a tight deadline, but we did it, just in time for a promotion in a Nationwide Magazine Publication.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Praise:


As a business grows, we need to make sure that what supports us also grows. So thank you very much to Smarter Websites for my new website. Peter & staff are amazing professionals, they listened to what I wanted and they delivered. I highly recommend Peter for all your website need. 

- Kerry Rowe

The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

Do You Want Results Like These? 


Do You Want Results Like These?


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