Abbey Painting and Property Maintenance

Jun 15, 2019
Abbey Painting

The Client:

Abbey Painting and Property Maintenance is a Perth based business with over 32 years of experience.

Paul and his team are professional painters, also specialising in property maintenance. They ensure a high level of customer satisfaction is delivered, always reliable, professional and friendly.

Paul and his wife Lidia had used a basic site builder to build their own website and although the site had the required start up content, it was not a pretty site.

Other issues were that it wouldn't have gotten a very good click through.

There were no doorway buttons, it was not going to bring clients to a journey and wont engage them.

Paul and Lidia engaged with us to take their business's online presence to a professional level.

To build a fresh, new, modern, complete functional website, with strong call to actions and click through buttons. As well as adding on the Google business tools module, simple seo module, lead generation quote form module, social media integration module and social media optimisation module.

We built a website that would capture the visitor and encourage leads quickly. We made sure there was a strong hero image with a call to action overlay, four doorway buttons for their main cash cow services, 'why choose us' section, latest projects, testimonials, instagram feed, strong call to action and contact details.

The lead generation quote form module was then built into the header of the site. This had a stylish pop up box and form when clicked, which then redirected to a success page on completion so it doesn't register as a bounce to Google.

The modules were then initiated Google business tools, simple seo, social media integration and optimisation. In the website walkthrough with the client, Paul and Lidia decided to upgrade their seo module to our monthly dynamic seo module.

Abbey Painting's online presence has had a massive makeover. Brand new, highly functional website, social media platforms and the Google business listing are now set up correctly and at a professional level.

We are still super busy in the background working on the dynamic seo each month to build up the organic rankings on Google.

Paul and Lidia have already seen the benefits of the online presence upgrade so far and it is only the beginning.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

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