Put Systems In Place To Help Manage Your Business More Efficiently

Many businesses operate like this…

Someone comes in and needs help with something they purchased.

The person who took the enquiry doesn’t know who can help so asks around. They eventually find someone who is currently busy and can’t assist straight away. The original person goes back to the customer and says we can get back to you on that and takes some details on a bit of paper. The customer leaves not feeling fabulous about the interaction. That bit of paper may or may not get handed to the person who can help. It sometimes gets lost and customer ends up calling back again … this time quite agitated.

This is a prime example of a business without a system, might be simplistic but you get the idea. Sounds terrible when you read it like that, but so many businesses are like this and don’t give it a second thought.

This is why systems are so important. They give you and your staff security in the knowledge they know what the process is for everything in your business.

If done well, the system makes it faster and more efficient for staff and leaves the client with a much better experience… building more trust and love with your business.

So how do you put systems in place in your business?

Smart Actions:

1) Write a list of the things you do every day or get key staff to do, depending on the size of your business.

2) Write down the steps of each task as it’s done the next time it’s done

3) Analyse the current process and see where it can be improved

4) Make improvements as deemed necessary

5) Add in software to help where applicable

Want to talk about software, oh my Lordy, I get excited, let’s talk


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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

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