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00:00    Welcome to another session of Smarter Business Tips at Ten. Today's session is SEO Made Simple: take two. I've handled SEO before, it's always a topical subject. I had an opportunity to present to a bunch of workers ... people a couple of weeks ago, at a meetup, and that went really well, so one of the things is that if these business tips have value, give us a thumbs up, that's awesome, love it, spread the word.

00:29     It's Peter Butler, from Smarter Websites here. So I am going to dive straight in and showcase a website that we're about to start work on. So what is the first thing people will look at when they come to our website 'cause they're ritually coming to our website and they're saying, please business person, tell me what you want the website to be known for. What is the first thing people look for?

00:54    Well, it's the title and the description. So I'm just using a little tool to show that easily, so here's the title, 38 characters. You can actually go up to 65 characters, point is, you might as well fill that with as much valid keywords, so this particular client, Ed [inaudible 00:01:17] does awesome drawing work and awesome 3D work. I'll share a link later you can get some 3D work in mind, you have business showcase for my business.

01:27   So one thing that there is the title, that's the first thing that people look at, and then the second thing and that's great, but are those keywords valid, is drone photography a search term that people use? It's actually a really simple question to answer. Now let me show you one of the keyword tools that we use, and it's kwfinder. So if ... we've got a few tools and this is a very simple free tool that anybody can use. Now new to the free account, you're limited to five searches per month, but what I like about it is that you can actually drill down into a particular area, so Kaz's target market is in Perth so let's have a look for that. Where is Perth, Western Australia, we're not drawn to their language, but done photography.

02:25     So if we just go back to his website, one of the current terms is Drone Photography Perth. I'm just gonna search a little bit for what I ... Drone Photography and let's see what shows up. So what we're actually doing here, is we're actually validating the keywords. See, I get people saying to me all the time, “I'm not on page number 1 for such and such.” Well, what I found in keyword research, I found that such and such, nobody's using it, so why would you even want to be on page 1 if you will, anyway? Nobody's using that term, so you've gotta validate your keywords. And that's what this exercise is about. So let's just hit this and let's check our results. Okay, so locally, in Perth, drone photography is 110 people searching. 2400 for drone, but the thing is, if they're looking for drone, or let's say, drone camera, are they actually looking for the service that Kaz offers, or are they actually looking for a drone for themselves?

03:39  So it's this sort of validation that's really important to make sure that you drill down and get it right. Okay, so let's go back to Kaz's site. Now, one of the other things the previous people have done ... We didn't build this website by the way, or do SEO, we haven't touched it. We're about to, we're about to relaunch it. We're about to do the SEO. One of the other things they've done, is they've done keyword stuffing. So here they've got drone assist, all separated by commas, great, but assist. The Business name isn't drone assist, but you wanna show up for assist? That's a crude broad term, pretty dumb really, so there's a whole host of elements in here. Now Google actually won't even look at this, the keywords are such they're focused on the title, the description, and the other thing they're focused on is the headings.

04:36    So say you're doing a word document, you have heading 1, heading 2, and let me just have a quick look at those, so here's heading 1, throughout, it's all the same, so we're not set up well.

04:51    The point being that I adopt what I call a rule of three, so one primary keyword with two supporting keywords, it might be drone photography, drone photography Perth, and another variation of drone photography. The thing is what you've got to realize is that Google don't actually rank websites at all. They rank web pages. Page by page, each particular page has its own identity. So that's really important to remember.

05:26     Now one of the things that we've done is we've broken the whole SEO process down into static and dynamic. So static is a one-off event, it's where we do the keyword research, validate the keywords, we make sure they're correctly set up on each one of your individual pages, if you have look at Cas's page of Real Estate prime photography, so we can go and do some more keyword research and put Real Estate, drone photography, search. 20 people. 20 searches per month. So again, locally in Perth. So I'm not gonna drill down into this, there's other tools we use that we can find a higher niche keywords.

06:22   I just want to share a story that happened a number of years ago, we were working with an aged carer in Melbourne, and he gave us 29 keywords, of which we invalidated 19, so 19 of those keywords, although he thought people were searching for them, they weren't, so we were left with 10 keywords, of which we then went and did further drill-down and keyword research. One particular keyword we came up with was domiciliary care, now I'd never even heard the term, but there was actually 320 people per month searching for that term.

07:03  Now, even if he only converted 10% of that into enquires, that's 32 enquiries every single month. And even if then he only converted 10% of that into clients, that's three new clients every single month. Just by setting up for one new keyword. And you've got to realize what I said before, Google don't rank web pages, uh sorry they rank web pages, not web sites. So we've got this keyword, domiciliary care, we then go and set up a new page, with the right amount of keywords on the page, and engaging copy, well written copy, written content. And we set up that page all around domiciliary care. So as it turns out, within a very short period of time, he was on page 1 in google did very well, and was a very happy client.

07:54   So I'm hoping that this gives you the insight that you need, if you need any help, if you want to get a free audit, just go over to my website. How does your website score, if you want to know where it's scoring, certainly give us a shout out and we'll give you an audit. But quite often, when we do these audits for people, they find five things that they can do themselves, or their own webby we can do it, and that adds value to their business. The thing is with websites is they're dynamic. They-re never finished, we're continuously evolving our website.

08:37   You might say, oh well, that's great, maybe you can do that, but you've got to have a look at how much invested in your marketing, are you investing anything? So it's always the little gems, and the little differences that will actually make a massive difference. So I hope this is of value, if you want to go through an audit, give us a shout out, I just hope this has added value and made a difference for you. I ask that you join our group for smart business tips, Smart Tank Mastermind, I'll put a link in the comments thread.

09:14      And if these business tips do add value give us a thumbs up, that's awesome, love it, spread the word. Ah, look, before I jump off, if anybody would like me to quickly run a keyword here, I've only got a free account, that'll be fine, I'll use other keyword search tools which I'm not gonna show you, but if there's anybody there that would want us to do a quick check now, give us a shout out, and if not, it's a wrap-up.

09:47     Are we silent? Is it a wrap? Looks like it is. So I hope that helps, if you need any help, give me a shout out. That's Peter Butler from Smarter Websites, go and work smarter.

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