Make Sure Your Client Projects Have a Finish Line

When you price a project you take into account the time you will spend on the project and any costs involved. That’s how you’re able to price the project right?

But what happens when the boundaries aren’t clear… when the end of the project is not certain?

Serious scope creep right there… right!

The client keeps asking for more. Maybe you did define the project to start with, but somewhere along the way…

You aren’t sure what the client expects. Before you know it, you’ve gone way over budget and you’re not sure what to do because you don’t want to put the client offside.

Next thing you know, you’ve run over on resources invested into the project, but if things had of been made clearer, the last things you’ve done for your client could have been a project add on that you would have sold separately.

This is why it’s important to be clear on your project inclusions.

And as important is to have a process to finalise your projects. Then you can help your client know what is the next logical step in their business growth process.

Smart Actions:

1) Go through your services and make sure you have a clear understanding of what’s included and what’s not

2) Create a system of communication with your client when your project stage is completed

3) Create messaging about what the next steps might be

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