CHUNK Your Time

Same but totally different than ‘Plan Your Work Around Your Peak Times’.

I have certain mornings of the week where I’m at networking functions.

I can have the intent to attend to a specific task when I get back to the office, like writing these ‘100 Days to World Domination’, but that task takes pure focus and energy, and being ‘in the zone’.

‘Chunking’ my time to do that will give far better results and be more efficient.

If I’ve been out networking, I’m better off staying in that ‘mode’ of communication, and have someone to one meetings with people in the group, or visit or phone a client or three, tasks that need to be done but keep the flow going so I free up a ‘chunk’ of time to work uninterrupted on the ‘focus’ task.

Make sense?

We need to be realistic as to what we can achieve in a day. Doing other menial tasks like processing emails and the like, to free up ‘chunk’ time is far more effective. Even setting up the pieces in the puzzle to the bigger more focused task is one way to use our time wisely.

We all wear so many ‘hats’ as entrepreneurs, and we’re changing that hat from one task to one skill set to another. Let’s get focused…

Knowing you’re high output peak times is one thing. Chunking time is another.

Hope that helps, go ‘chunk’ away…

Smart Actions:

1) Review your existing commitments

2) See if you can set other tasks around your existing commitments

3) Lockout ‘chunks’ of time to get those evasive tasks done

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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

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