Best Writing Tip Ever

It seems there is a ‘mystical’ hat called the ‘writers hat’ that people put on when they write.

So many people think they need to write a certain ‘way’.

Write like you speak, simple.

Hey, you talk fine right, people don’t fall asleep?

People like stories, people like you, so write to them as you would talk to them.

For people who struggle to get content down, just get the gist of what you want to say down, don’t try and be ‘word perfect’.

Once you’ve got the ‘bones’ down, you can then go back over what you’ve got and play with it.

Here’s a question: Would a copywriter do it better?

Yup, you’d hope so right? But not with ‘your voice’.

But it’s a really powerful skill to have, PLUS, it’s great to be able to find and develop ‘your voice’ by just writing.

Do you need formal training? Hey, might be helpful, but don’t let that be an excuse to not write.

You can talk, so you can write. Can you get better? Yup, the moment you start writing you will learn, you will get better.

I’ve written literally hundreds of blog posts, dozens of email campaigns, streams of page copy.

Has all of it been awesome content?

Nup, when I go back over older content I sometimes cringe, but you know what, ‘imperfect action beats perfect inaction’ EVERY time!

It was all part of the journey, so I encourage you to just write, like you speak.

Oh, years on now, I use a copywriter to review my work, and there’s less reworking of my content than ever before.

When to use a copywriter!

For your ‘static’ home page content, absolutely use a copywriter, if not straight away depending on budget, as soon as you can. It’s a one off investment, best investment ever.worth it’s weight in gold.

A good copywriter can transform ordinary content into magical totally mesmerising and engaging content that gets people to take action. And we all need that, your website and marketing pieces are not just a gloosy brochure.

Blog posts, learn to write that content. Get it reviewed by a copywriter if it’s in your budget, if not, ‘just do it’ and publish.

I reckon there’s like 60 conversations we all have with people, regardless of the nature of our business.

You know, the ‘auto’ conversations we have, we don’t even think much about what we’re saying?

Start with those conversations as content, good practice for writing like you speak.

Google LOVES new content on your website, so get cracking.

Smart Actions:

1) Make a list of those ‘auto’ conversations you have

2) Make a list of suitable topics for blog posts. Good blog posts are newsworthy topics.

2) Set a time to start

3) Just bloody write

Here’s some more tips on copywriting >

PS: WE have a very cool system for extracting the knowledge from your head (not a frontal lobotomy) and getting it down into powerful copy. If you need help, give us a shout out.

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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

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