[VIDEO] The True Cost of NOT Having a Mobile Responsive Site!

And how to easily check your mobile traffic.

If your website is NOT Mobile Responsive it will lose you money!

This is not just about whether a person stays on your site as long, or visits as many pages, although that in itself will leave money on the table, it's as much about your Search Engine Rank Position and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as anything.

There has never been as good a time as now for the small to medium business to get better results and more web traffic against the businesses that spend up big on SEO, and I don't say that lightly.

Having a mobile responsive site can put you on the front foot with your competitors, and your prospects and clients will love you for it. If you've invested anything into SEO then NOT being mobile responsive can negate that investment, really.

Watch the video, any questions make a comment below or call the office - 08 9439 2820.

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What is the difference between a 'Mobile Friendly VS Mobile Responsive' site - you can read that post here. Make a comment.

Call us if you want to see what your current site looks like on a mobile device using test software or have any questions - 08 9439 2820.

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1 thought on “[VIDEO] The True Cost of NOT Having a Mobile Responsive Site!”

  1. Having used numerous so called SEO “Gurus” over the years, Peter has been issued with the un-enviable task of getting me up the ranks of Google to a page 1 ranking. I have every confidence in Peter’s ability to do this and look forward to becoming number 1 on Google under the category of Copiers and Printers. Having been in the same BNI networking group as Peter I have witnessed the success that he has achieved for many of his clients.

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