SEO Results – “WordPress” site and a “Normal” site.

clubred-logoHere is an exact “You See the Results For Yourself” SEO difference between a “WordPress” site and a “Normal” site.

A colleague and friend Tony was building his new membership card website using dreamweaver on a test domain of

He was spending so much time with all the tech issues in Dreamweaver that he had no time to actually get out there and develop the business, the old classic “working in the business and not on it” that us solo entrepreneurs can suffer from. Tony had 2 domain names, 1 for the core business of which he had a Frontpage website live for a couple of years that never really did anything plus the new test domain.

Tony’s concept has such great potential for the tourism industry and I could see his frustration so we did a deal where I agreed to get the “core” site done for him in WordPress so at least the site would start ranking well. Tony could then fine tune it and get the graphics sorted later.

I am about to redirect the test domain to the core site so you need to check the ranking difference now, or just trust me on this. The stat’s are below. The core site is nowhere being finished but I wanted to share this difference so you could see how it’s outranking the original version and the test site already. This is Tony’s core business site – Don’t give me grief on the graphics or unfinished sections, this post is about SEO.

This is 2 sites that have the same content and a similar structure but vastly different SEO results.

In this comparison I’m using Google Page Rank, how many pages are “indexed” as well as the Alexa Ranking which is basically an “authority ranking” made up of various elements. None of these are definitive in themselves but they all play a part in how well your site “ranks” and where it will show up in the Search Engine results.
Google Page Rank 3 0
Pages Indexed 120 68
Alexa Ranking 2,929,299 4,181,787

There is a whole lot more to getting clients to your site and then converting them to paying clients but at least Tony is in a better position to do what will give him the best return for his time. If you want a Website & Prosperity Check valued at a very real $385.00 done on Your Own Site then Click Here to make that happen.

Here’s a blurb from Tony to one of his mate’s on his new site.

Hey dodgy,

Thanks for that (feedback on website). I hired a friend I met at my Business Breakfast Monthly Group to do the Planet Inn website. His name is Peter Butler and it’s a WordPress site. I had previously built sites myself using Microsoft Frontpage and then Dreamweaver, though I found Frontpage to be lacking the professional look and Dreamweaver to be fairly complicated.

With the WordPress format, I worked closely with Pete to set it up to my specs. I am able to do all of the updates, articles, photos etc myself with his back up support for any technical matters.

The best part though is that WordPress is user-friendly and brilliant for search engine optimisation. By sucking in all of the knowledge I can from Peter, we have got our Planet Inn site up from page 140 to page 1 on most google searches.

I was so amazed with those results that I then got Pete to design my Club Red template on wordpress, even though I had spent a year building my site with Dreamweaver. To give a comparison, see which was my dreamweaver site.

If you need any help at all he is a really good guy to talk to and the best part is that he comes from a marketing background so he understands the real purpose of a website, which is not just to look pretty, but to also generate leads!

His email is (peter at I know you have some clever guys who work for peanuts in Thailand, but I’m sure you would benefit from talking to Peter about how to really get your sites increasing your business presence.

He has also set up a really good database programme for me which includes a Client Relationship Management Programme. That enables you to keep track of all your contacts with your customers and generate newsletters etc. All I need now is 36 hours in every day so I can really teach myself how to maximise its full potential!

When you’re over in October, I could get him to meet you for a coffee and a chat.

Cheers for now,

Tony Inman
Managing Director,
Club Red Australia


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Peter B Butler

Passionate with serial ‘hobbiest’ tendencies. Love WordPress & software 'toys'. Raving 70's Jap Bike collector. By day we convert dead dormant websites into profitable sites, hence ‘Smarter Websites’ - making them 'work', one at a time if necessary. On target for world domination, albeit our part of the world...

1 thought on “SEO Results – “WordPress” site and a “Normal” site.”

  1. Great Post Peter,

    I checked out the 2 sites and compared them. Though I didn’t do much with either, at a quick glance I did prefer the one you created thru WordPress. Had a nicer feel & fitted my viewing page so I didn’t have to scroll sideways. If it’s generating better SEO results as well, then it’s a slam-dunk winner.

    Will be building a few WordPress sites myself, mainly due to their ease of use while maintaining a professional look and their great SEO potential with Blogging capabilities.

    Thanks again for sharing Peter.


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