New Client Site Goes Live

Our newest and pleased client’s site has just gone live.

Ivor’s business Perth Software has been in operation since 1985 so he’s no newbie. Ivor has had 6 website rebuilds in that time, not a happy chappyat times with his website people.

Actually, truth be told, it was going downhill quickly, traffic had fallen and it even lost a digit in page rank. Ivor did get phone calls through his site (not enough though) but the problem was they all asked the same question “How much”.

After all this time, effort and money Ivor still wasn’t able to generate a decent amount of leads from his site and no qualification system.

So why is it going to be any better now?

Here’s the short story version of why!

  • Dynamic content now and not static internet flotsam
  • Pinging technology that the Google Gods and search engines love
  • He can add stuff to his website as easy as writing an email
  • Built in lead generation system.
  • Built in qualification process so there is not as much focus on price (that part is behind the scenes)

Here’s the experiment I’m doing.

The old site used to get visited about every 10 days (you can check that with the “cached snapshot of page”)

We’ve only gone live this morning and it’s not due for a revisit until the 15th.

I bet I can get it re-cached within a day or so. It’s a big challenge! I’ll let you know how I go.

Here’s what Ivor had to say

IK6-150hWe have been developing our website since 2000.

About 6 different web developers have been involved over that time.

I met Peter recently, and he came over as being first and foremost, a marketer, and then a web developer. This approach was totally different from my previous web site programmers.

We have now started my website rebuild with Peter, and it is looking great. Simple things that used to be buried in the context are now visible on all pages.

All the important information is right there on the front page and I just know because it’s now so clear and simple to follow that my lead conversions will be better.

The site has a clear sense of direction that a visitor can follow. The colours are nice and eye catching as are the images displayed of the front page. I really like the slide show gallery on the main page.

Ivor Kosowitz
Managing Director – Fast Track Computer Solutions.

Fast Track Computer Solutions are Winners of:
•    Australia Post Stirling Small Business Award 2004.
•    Finalists in 2 categories in 2007.
•    Australia Post Stirling Small Business Award 2008.
•    Overall Best Business Finalist 2008.

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