Now, most businesses, a lot of organizations, and a whole stack of hobbies these days have websites. However, I have had so many conversations with website designers who just take me to death. I've got go idea what they're talking about. And then I go, but I'm not sure like that blue and I go, well, what's the blue that you wanted? It's just such a frustrating conversation. But today, I have met, possibly one of the best most sensible approaching with people ever. His name is Peter Butler. And he has a business called smarter websites.

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Welcome to district 32. Radio. I'm your host, Jackie Campbell. And it's my absolute pleasure to interview each of our members. So you can get to know that just that little bit better.

Now, most businesses, a lot of organizations, and a whole stack of hobbies these days have websites. However, I have had so many conversations with website designers who just take me to death. I've got go idea what they're talking about. And then I go, but I'm not sure like that blue and I go, well, what's the blue that you wanted? It's just such a frustrating conversation. But today, I have met, possibly one of the best most sensible approaching with people ever. His name is Peter Butler. And he has a business called smarter websites. Peter, welcome.

01:00 Thank you. Thank you. Great to be here.
01:02 Now, why smarter websites that don't think for themselves?
01:04 Look, that was actually an epiphany, epiphany. It was it was seriously because out of smarter websites was also born smart email, smart mortgage marketing, smarter hosting a whole different series of niche websites and business friends. So it's absolutely brilliant and smarter websites will be smarter than your average website.
01:28 Right? Okay. So tell me about smart websites, what makes them smarter than your average websites.
01:33 Our whole philosophy is to help business owners stage and scale business growth, it's really that simple. In business, we need an approach or way or methodology, if you like to be able to grow a business. So depending on your budget for your cash flow, and you need to consider that. So when people come to me they like first question I often ask is how much as a website? So I respond with how much as a house? Most people can relate to that? Sorry? Oh, okay. House, you know, they understand the practicalities, that there's a three bed, one bath and so forth.
02:06 And how it was to the beach and the train station and and is it on the hill? Can I see the city?
02:10 Yeah, exactly. And do you want the rooms finished? Do you want carpeting? Do you want treatments and conditioning? Yeah, all of that. So and it's the same with a website. And websites are not static either they are dynamic? They should be continually evolving. But we'll come back to that.
02:27 I just have a page and it goes, Well, this is what I do.
02:30 Yes, you can. But you've got to consider who's coming to your
website? What journey? Do you want to take them on? How are you going to
establish trust and credibility? And what's the best methodology for that?
02:43 You can do it from a website.
02:44 Yeah. True story. And credibility is massive. But the point
being that what you do today might be different to what's required in six
months. And that's why I say it's dynamic, not static. Yes, we build a website,
based on the questions we asked you who's come to your website, what journey,
you're going to take them on all of those things, we build a website, but your
business might evolve, your thinking might evolve, who you're a great client is
might change. And so you've got to be able to further develop your website. And
the other thing is that you make all those decisions. But then your thinking
might change. And so we have a dynamic platform, so it can evolve.
03:24 So I don't just have to tell you exactly what I want. And then
you build it. And I'm done.
03:30 No, yes or no, yes, we do that. But then we like to work with
business owners to make sure they're getting results.
03:36 Do I have to know exactly what I'm doing to have a conversation
with you?
03:38 Absolutely not, we taught normal human.
3:46 Just just be you, our tech guy. Come on,
3:48 Exactly. But I think I rely it quite well the technical
information about domains, hosting, and so forth. So the point is that we do
what you can't do. And we help you to do what you can do. And that's with not
just building the website, creating the website, we help with marketing
strategies, being strategic with getting a higher great client, because quite
often business owners will take any client to start with, but we really want to
ascend to get out perfect client, those clients who really appreciate us cherish
us and you know, will basically do what they're told, because we're the go to
people for our industry. We're the experts, and we help people to position
themselves in that manner.
4:29 So if I'm looking for someone who does beekeeping, the
multiverse will then direct everybody through to that beekeeping website because
I am the predominant was the bank wire, who will it all the background stuffs
working? And they find me Is that what you mean?
4:44 Exactly. This, again, sets us apart from everybody else. So
we've got websites at different levels. And if somebody pushes the point on
pricing, I'll tell them, there's no problems. Premium website start at 5500. And
we've got three startup models 1100 2200 3300. So depending on how much money
you have in your bank, as to what level you start at, however, we also
5:08 get you started run, we also have a unique upgrade model. So
let's say that your budgets 1100 bucks, or say 22. And you start and that's
great in six months time you want to get more results, we have an upgrade model.
So you can upgrade from the 22 to 3300. And you only pay the difference. So
you'll only pay 1100 to upgrade. So you're
5:28 Adding the features I didn't get the first time because I was on
a start up by strapping at the beginning.
5:33 Absolutely right. And then getting back to your be keeper expert
example. We've also broken down all of the other aspects of being online into
what we call modules. So SEO search engine optimization, which is getting your
business on page one in Google is a module. And within that module, we have
different levels. Again, depending on what the business side
5:55 Is page, five page four page three page two page one.
6:00 What's actually how many pages we SEO. So this is where most
people don't realize, Google don't even rank websites, they rank web pages, each
page has its own standalone identity. So your homepage should be known for
beekeepers, your other sub page would be known for the honey harvesting and
other page and so forth. So each page has its own identity. And so that's where
the different levels of SEO come in. So again, that's based on budget, as well
as how quickly you want results. So my recommendation is invest more to get
more, but it depends on your budget. And again, we've got an upgrade model. So
if you start at the base that you want to upgrade to the intermediate level, you
only ever pay the difference. Our whole ethos is helping business owners to
stage and scale the business grows. That's it, keep it that simple, then we're
focused on the outcomes of the business owner growing the business rather than
just selling them a website. Yeah.
7:06 Okay. That makes complete sense. I think for the first time
ever, a web guy, right. So why did you come up with this model as the model for
smarter websites?
7:17 Uh, well, yeah, I know, again, it was one of those early
epiphany. So it's like, because I actually haven't
7:24 And here's the thing with you my previous business which go and
I've been doing this 12 years, so well versed and experience, my previous
business, landscaping garden maintenance, clearly, you can see the segue.
7:35 Yeah, creation, you said to me, too much sun needed to come in?
7:39 Well, there's that as well and the flies. But not only that, in
that business, I tried several times to build a website. And I was never able to
complete it. Because nobody had systems. Nobody had onboarding. Nobody had ways
to make it easy for a website to be built. And I was so frustrated. I just gave
7:55 You clearly. Were looking at the white advertising. Yeah.
Because the all you need to do is just type whatever modeling go click click
Swift, Swift. And then you had this magical website.
8:03 Yeah, apparently. But it didn't work. So when I sold the
previous business, I wanted my new business model to be scalable, duplicatable,
and replicable. And so this business is scalable, because I could keep it small,
just me and maybe a tech, duplicatable, I could replicate it in other models,
which I've done already unscalable that what I've done now is I've got a team of
eight people, from a project manager, to tech people, to marketers, to social
media managers, and so on. So the point is, I'm actually not a web designer, I'm
a marketer, that's what I do. I help people to market their business, and grow
their business in a stage scale environment. So it makes it safe for business
owners. They know what they're getting for their money. We've built literally
hundreds and hundreds of websites. We've also got clients that have now got us
on a retainer on this dynamic monthly program. Where will we further developing
not just a website, but other digital assets? You know, it seems like I'm
getting back to the modules. And you know, I mentioned we've got SEO Well, we've
also got social media marketing, we've got integration, we've got optimization
in social media, social media is a big traffic driver, because great, you got
this website. And if you're not getting any traffic, it's not really adding any
value to your business. It's just not. So the point is we use social media in a
strategic way to drive traffic to your website. Lots of people are doing social
media. It's so funny. We see social media posts, and it might be a really
riveting post. And then somebody is interested in doing business for that
business owner. And they go great, and I can't find them online. So there's a
real disconnect between the social media the website, what that's seriously
crazy. And we said all the time, so we We help business owners to connect the
9:51 It sounds like you're actually into marketing. His website is
simply one tool in the toolbox to get your business. I
9:58 couldn't have said it better myself. Yes. Yeah, that's exactly
right. So the website is just a vehicle. It's the medium to use to get people to
qualify people. Because we all want a great clients. If we don't have a
strategic marketing plan, we're having to tolerate DC, possibly be willing to
pay the bills? Exactly. Yeah, we want great clients.
10:19 It's always nice to have someone comes in
context as you you'd be able to go back go, yep. Cool. And then you've got an
immediate match. Because exactly what you're offering is exactly what there are.
It's just a case of connecting the two things to get.
10:28 Absolutely, yeah.
10:29 But if your website doesn't tell you actually what you do, then
how people gonna find you.
10:34 Exactly, yeah. So you so people got to find your number one. But
then by qualifying when they do come to you, they're predisposed to do business
with you. So they've read your reviews, they're already condition. So there are
a lot easier to deal with. I mean, look, the simplest clients in the world to
get are always referrals. Why is that? Because the person that referred them to
you, they trusted you, the credibility, or they've done business with my
friends, be trustworthy.
11:01 And I guess they're independent from what you would expect to be
a marketing hype from the business.
11:05 Exactly, right. But we try and duplicate that on the website,
you know, there's different methodologies, reviews, and a whole heap of, you
know, elements that we factor in, so that when people do contact you, they're
already confident the trust level is higher, the credibility is there. So
they're easier to to deal with and become a great client.
11:24 So once you've got all this organized, so you've got to make
this program, you've got a whole stack of things which can go supposed to
support people's I should say, this just scale businesses as well. So scaling
the website, it's a case of them, assisting them and supporting them to scale
that business into something they really want it to be.
11:42 Yeah, absolutely. So we look at a whole heap of factors. And we
work with some very high level businesses in Perth, we've helped and I can't
give numbers because that wouldn't be appropriate, but five times daily trading,
so you know, big factors in growth. Now, those clients were on a retainer. And
we helped to scale that business to a much higher level. Because the world of
online is ever evolving, it's just changing so quickly, so much, and it becomes
a little bit of an overwhelm. At the moment, we're working with clients on what
we call evergreen social media campaigns. The thing is, with social media posts
is that a lot of the time, there's no expiry date, there's no index as valid
today as it was three months ago, and will be in three months. So we're working
with business owners, and we have two programs are DIY and have done for you.
And I've only just launched mine last Monday. And already in just over a week,
I've had five expressions of interest, and three qualified leads through that.
And these are social media posts that I haven't actually posted. So they're all
automated. So I've got, I've actually created a bank of 379, social media posts,
evergreen social media posts, those posts, then there's three going after that.
Sure, that's 21 posts going up every week. Now, this is not just 21, post, go to
Facebook, who's going to Facebook business pages, going to my LinkedIn profile,
going to my LinkedIn company page, it's going to Twitter, which you know,
whatever. But
13:14 it was energy to Twitter. So definitely
13:20 the Twitter to me and look, some people use it excessively and
good on them.
13:23 Here's what I'm doing every minute of it. No,
13:26 but we'll see. Twitter for me is like everybody going to a big
networking event. everybody walks in at the same time. Everybody talks at the
same time, and they all leave.
13:34 got its name from Exactly. So.
13:37 But anyway, that's another story. But Google My Business,
Google, my business is absolutely massive. You know, we've got to catch cry
playing the game with Google and Google will play the game with you. And it's a
true story. You know, you've got being you got these other search engines, but
which is the biggest one, Google, not rocket science. Now, play the game with
Google and Google will play the game with you anyway. So these social media
posts go out. So 379 post created 21 days posted to seven different platforms.
That's a lot of marketing. And so that is a 18 week cycle. So what happens on
day, week number nine, doing the same post, get repost it, because guess what
social media moves. so damn quick, people are not going to recall that posting
adding weeks. And if they do, they might smile. And if they didn't see it the
first time, or it didn't resonate the first time because it's a matter of
resonating with people. That's the key, you've got to understand that your
marketing is dynamic. So people will read it. And it's like, they're too busy,
they smile or whatever. And but next time, it's like, oh, my god that is so
potent in my life at this point in time. And so the engagement, the likes, the
shares, and the lead inquiries that I'm getting is really powerful. And the
thing is, this campaign will run, hang on forever, not 18 weeks, because it gets
recycled. And so it goes on. So it's a really powerful platform. We're getting
massive, massive results. Right. So pretty exciting stuff.
14:56 Absolutely. So it sounds like if you wanted you could add into
that you can update one or miss about with it. But as a general bass player,
it's definitely got that engagement.
15:05 Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Now, that's a really good point. I'm
glad you mentioned that. Because there was a post that I did. And when I
approved this post to be loaded, it was fine. But my explanation of that needed
updated, I logged into the software at the back end, and to the quick update. So
that will be now be updated for the next time it gets posted. And the crucial
point here is web traffic. Because all of the social media posts have links back
to my website. No, no go. Because and that's where people get caught up in
playing with social media. Social media is a traffic driver. Yes, it's a
credibility tool. It's a positioning tool. Yes, it's a branding tool. But the
whole purpose of anything that you're doing in a social space, or marketing
space is to drive traffic back to your website, the thing is, platforms evolve,
they change. And if you are totally dependent, I've had business on the side of
me, this just blows me away that I don't really need a website, because I get a
lot of business from a Facebook page. Well, that means you don't control. If
they change the rules of engagement, your business can crash and burn.
16:14 I've got friends whose businesses have gone from hero to zero,
literally almost over a weekend to where you've had an algorithm change. Yeah,
or something's changed. And I got awesome. Let's look I just realized, I don't
have my content. What do you mean, you don't have your content? It's like, you
have a YouTube channel. But you don't have any backups of YouTube?
16:34 No, no, no, it's scary stuff. When I say business owners. And I
think this is another danger for business owners too. And I'm going to be doing
a blog post on this. So this is the information age, right? It's the Information
Age era. And that's great. You've got all this information, you can google
anything, you can watch a YouTube on anything how to do social media. However,
it doesn't mean to say you should know
16:58 it, just because you can doesn't mean you should exactly
17:01 You know, it's scary stuff. And it's great that business owners
are being proactive as we all should be,
17:07 it has been so most time doing something which will take you
three minutes, it'll take me a year and a half. Plus, I'll procrastinate over
it. And then I won't get it right to start with. And then it's a complete waste
of time.
17:17 Yeah, and look, Case in point is, is the Evergreen social media
campaign. And that's why we did the done for you model because some business
owners don't have the time don't want to know about it, they've got the money,
they can invest on it. And that's great. But my passion is helping business
owners to do what they can do, but do it better. Its attention to detail. And
that's a really important thing. What I had a conversation recently with with a
business owner who ran a Facebook ad campaign, he ran that campaign, he spent X
amount of dollars, whatever, he generated some inquiries, so so there was some
expressions of interest, but he didn't convert into sales. And he's actually got
two businesses. And his overarching statement was Facebook advertising doesn't
work for me, well wrong, because it didn't work for that business model, your
head of expressions of interest and no takers. But what happens if there was
just one facet in there, that you change that one sentence, that one link, that
one, one image, that one, whatever, that will actually give you an outcome. And
so he didn't test and measure. He just ran one test. And that was it. And he
made an overarching bank statement. Now this guy actually runs a million dollar
business selling a product online. And then one of the following statements, and
I'll never get over this was that people don't go to Facebook to buy my X
product, whatever that product is. Well, you know what, you don't run a Facebook
head. To do that. The point is, people are on Facebook, so you run an ad to
present that product to them. It's really not rocket science. So I couldn't
believe that this business owner was jaded by that one campaign that didn't give
him the result that he wanted. So that's where the experts come in. And you test
to measure we've identified on a recent Facebook ad campaign, we did the same in
the same text, yet, we use three different images. Right, and we trialed it. And
one of those images stood out as giving a much higher click through rate than
the other two images.
19:16 So we've got the analytics behind us. Yes. So when you've got
your evergreen content going out, I guess the other way of tweaking it to use
your example is you can see the analytics, what's getting traction, what's not.
So keep the stuff that's working, switch out the stuff that's not in retry. And
that's that tests are things that you guys can can do, which I never have the
time to do. Yes, yes. Because I go, why does it matter if it's green, or it's
orange? And I don't care. It's done tick move on? Yeah, as opposed to actually
revisiting and revisiting here.
19:46 There's a whole methodology and psychology
behind it. And so we, you know, we evolved into Facebook heads from evergreen
social media there. But the point being that because of the information age, so
many business owners are getting jaded, because they've done it themselves. And
they probably should have gotten expert advice on how to do that, and have dealt
more effectively and better and get better results and be able to test to
20:09 you was so wasted landscaping.
20:13 You know, Funny thing is right, I didn't realize that I actually
had a, an innate understanding of marketing. And I didn't actually articulate
that at all. But when I did that, I actually specialized in hedging and topiary,
and I focused on all the rich people in town, because they a lot of them had
hedges, and topiary, and I figured my foundation was that whatever credit went
down in the world, they were going to be the last ones affected. So if I was
working for them, I would be the last one affected with me in really good stead.
But seriously rich people, and I learned and gleaned a lot from them over those
years as well. So I did that for 12 years, thoroughly enjoyed. It
20:50 just goes to show. It's the conversations that you have with
people. Really, really change a few. So if people want to actually have a
sensible conversation with someone who understands the it, but doesn't speak
geek, yep. Or just speak, it doesn't speak to me. How did I get hold of your
21:09 Right. So it's either through smarterwebsites.com.au, I do offer
an audit to as well. So I can do an audit on your website. And if you choose not
to use me to make the corrections, that's fine. But the point is, you need to
know what you don't know. Because quite often, there's only one or two or three
simple things on your website that can be changed, that will make a massive
difference. It's just some of the things that people miss are just crucial.
21:40 I don't know how many times I get emails from some person rather
who's been looking at my website and would like to offer me a free audit report.
Look, we're not talking about the same thing. Yeah, no, no,
21:50 no. So and the funny thing is ironically, I get an SEO audits
done on my website so people read the website have a look at it, see what we do.
21:59 It's amazing know that often that happens.
22:02 And the other way to get hold of me is to send me an email
direct. So that's peter@smarterwebsites.com.au or for the office on (08) 9439
2820And the other way to get hold of me is to send me an email direct. So that's
peter@smarterwebsites.com.au or for the office on (08) 9439 2820And the other
way to get hold of me is to send me an email direct. So that's
peter@smarterwebsites.com.au or for the office on (08) 9439 2820And the other
way to get hold of me is to send me an email direct. So that's
peter@smarterwebsites.com.au or for the office on (08) 9439 2820
22:19 Fantastic, have a conversation with you, you can give them an
idea of what isn't working for them. How you can you can help them to stage and
22:28 Absolutely
22:29 Fantastic. Thank you Peter.
22:30 Got to work smarter.
22:39 Thanks for joining us on district 32 radio. If you'd like to
know more, please head across to our website, district32.com.au

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