One Simple Step To Doubling Your Web Leads.

You’ve got a great looking website, you’ve got some traffic, you might even have some great lead generation strategies in place.

Your website has some brilliant content along with powerful testimonials. All with a bent for a good user experience.

So how can you increase your website enquiries and newsletter sign ups?

You already know that not every web visitor will contact you straight away, maybe they’re just doing their due diligence on you and they’ll come back later when their ready… right?

Good luck! You need to be more strategic than that.

A smarter way to go would be to grab their details so you can stay in touch, keep them up to date and continue to foster your relationship with them. Let’s face it, they came to your website for a reason.

That’s why referrals are so great, they already “know of” you because of the referral introduction. That’s why being able to grab the details of web visitors will “start” that relationship journey for you.

You need to build rapport with your web visitors, and that generally takes more than one “touch”. Make sense?

Plus then you do not have to try and “sell” your stuff – you’re simply informing, educating and relating to prospects and clients. You’re being the “consultant” and helping them to make the right decision.

So how to double your lead sign ups? And on autopilot!

An unobtrusive newsletter pop up! Emphasis on “unobtrusive”.

As visitors go to leave your website you politely ask them if they would like to get latest news and updates from you. Simple!

We are very careful not to pee people off. I personally get annoyed if a newsletter registration pops up and gets in my way.

So we use a tool that will only pop up when they go to leave (that’s how we set it up anyway). You can see it in action here.

Smarter Websites Demo!

This has doubled my sign up rate, consistently, over the last 18 months. In that time it has helped me to convert leads into paying clients to in excess of $35,000. A no brainer to my mind!

Content for Smarter Websites Members ONLY!

Most of the WordPress plug ins we use are free. This particular one is a paid for version but we have made this available for all our members, at no charge, in the members area.

If you’re a Smarter Websites Basic 55 or Standard 110 Member you can download it through the member’s area but you will have to install it and set it up yourself.

To access it simply log in and go to the Members Area, WordPress Plug Ins section.

Our Premium 220 Members get the set up and configuration included at no charge BUT –

Smarter Websites Basic 55 Members – pay a one off fee of only $110 or upgrade to the Standard 110 Member plan and we’ll install, set up and configure it for you (plus you get other big benefits too, you can check that here)

Members Program Levels

Smarter Websites Standard 110 Membersa “ONE OFF” OFFER – Click on the link below, request your install today then we’ll even configure and set it up for you, at no charge! A Bonus – normally reserved for Premium Members Only!
(We may not install it today, but we will do it asap, but you have to make the request today)

Smarter Websites Premium 220 Members – simply reply email and it will be done within 24 hours.

This is just one of many new and exciting Plug Ins we’ll make available to our members, don’t miss out on the tools to build your online lead generating money making machine.

Do the numbers, double your sign ups and improve your conversions from leads to paying clients.

Smarter Websites Basis 55 MembersInstall It For Me or Upgrade Me Now!

Smarter Websites Standard 110 MembersInstall It Now! Please!

Smarter Websites Standard 220 Members – Reply Email or – Install It Now!

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