Sharon of S & D Settlements “Goes Live”!

Sharon just wanted to get a web presence. Don’t “confuse me” she said. She understood the value of lead generation, after all Sharon is a member of my BNI (Business Network International) group, but she didn’t want to go the lead generation route on her website just yet.

Sharon also hears me “go on” at BNI meetings about the merits of social media marketing along with the power of making regular “posts”. Didn’t matter, Sharon needed just needed a simple, clean and uncluttered site so that’s what we did.

She now has her website, proper domain emails, testimonials, newsletter sign up, spam free contact page and her useful “industry” links stuff. Sharon may not add much new regular content so we’ve set up her “blogging” section under “latest news”. Simple!

Here’s Sharon rave and a snap shot of her site below. Here’s a link straight through to S & D Settlements.

Hi Peter

All I can say is “WOW”!  I love it!  Thanks to all your hard work my website looks pink and fantastic!  Just the image I was looking for!

I love the way you have put all my information into such a professional view that is clean and easy to read.

Thanks again, I am so happy to have chosen Smarter Websites!!

Sharon 😆 Davids

Licensed Settlement Agent


PO Box A20 Thornlie  WA  6110

p/ 9490 8744  f/ 9490 8766

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Peter B Butler

Passionate with serial ‘hobbiest’ tendencies. Love WordPress & software 'toys'. Raving 70's Jap Bike collector. By day we convert dead dormant websites into profitable sites, hence ‘Smarter Websites’ - making them 'work', one at a time if necessary. On target for world domination, albeit our part of the world...

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