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Smarter Websites are the leading Rockingham-based web design company.

We go above and beyond to help local businesses market their products and services online and then help their websites reach the right people.

The Smarter Difference

We build you a website that brings good ROI as it will actually grow your business,
increase your bottom line by bringing in more leads, customers and sales
. Shouldn’t that be the point of every website?

“How can a website grow my business?” you ask.

For many people, your website is that first point of contact with your business. The website you build therefore needs to address their needs, concerns, fears and frustrations. It needs to speak to them in a language that they understand. It needs to keep them curious and engaged. It also needs to convey credibility and confidence in your business.

Most importantly, it needs to be helpful and must work exactly how customers expect it to work.

If your website doesn’t deliver, remember this: your competitors are only just a click away.

“I spent money on a website,
but it didn’t grow my business.
What went wrong?”

Sorry this happened to you, we do hear this kind of story a lot.

Most web design companies in Rockingham only care about building websites that look good, so that these websites attract more business for them. Yes, it’s important that website looks good, but if all it’s doing is look pretty, then you’re wasting your money. An effective website is built in a way that markets your business well enough to convert visitors into paying customers.

Over the years, we have heard plenty of horror stories of business’s spending thousands on their websites only for the site to perform like a drunken limp duck and do absolutely nothing. That’s like pouring your money down the drain. Choose the smarter route.

Who We Help in Rockingham

Here at Smarter Websites, we’ve built numerous websites for Rockingham businesses, including industry-specific websites. Our clients gain an advantage because we already know the designs that work for their industries, meaning we can get them online faster. Just to name a few industries we’ve worked with:

  • Healthcare and medical
  • Legal and security
  • Finance and real estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction and renovations
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Events and weddings
  • eCommerce
  • Networking groups

Our clients say about it

We’ve built websites and provided digital marketing services for some amazing businesses in Rockingham! They’ve left some reviews for you to read on our Reviews page. We look forward to seeing yours there.

7 reasons clients recommend Smarter Websites

1. Their websites have helped their businesses to grow.

Our clients say their websites are much more than just pretty brochures. Their websites are their No.1 sales and marketing representatives. The difference is these representatives work 24/7 without getting tired!

As a website is the first point of contact for many of your customers, it is vital that it positions your business perfectly. Your website needs to ooze credibility and quality, but more importantly it needs to engage with your customers, help them get to know, like and trust you right there and then so that they decide that you’re the best person to buy from.

If it doesn’t deliver, it’s not a good website.

2. They have access to a web design company in Rockingham.

Clients like that we’re local and accessible in person. This means they can catch up with us any time during their web development project. This is great as we like to meet all our clients face to face.

You can come in to chat about your project over a coffee. Feel free to book a visit to our office. We promise we won’t bite. Here’s our address.

3. They get quality websites for affordable prices.

We cater to all budgets, big or small. Whether you’re after a website for a small business or a complex website for a large corporation, we have different packages and price points to suit your needs. We also offer standalone services to help you promote your website and collect reviews. You can add a service at a time (we call them modules) as your business grows, or you can choose to have them all in one go and launch with a bang. Contact us to learn more.

4. They can rely on our experienced team for design and support.

We only hire employees who have experience helping businesses develop strong websites that have helped them achieve their online goals. Over the past 11 years, we’ve worked together to build over 100 websites for our clients. That’s a lot!

Not only that, we always track the results and tweak things as search engines change how they rank websites. This helps to ensure each website we build always succeeds. It also means we can share the best insights, tricks, techniques and strategies with you to make your website really stand out and work hard for you.

5. They like it that we listen to their needs and ideas.

Don’t you hate it when you know your business so well but someone else thinks they know it better or they think they know more about your customers than you do? To the point that they ignore your ideas and keep pushing theirs instead? We’re not like that.

As a web design company, we work for you and as such we listen to you. Part of this involves making the time to understand your business, how you run it, your hopes and dreams for it, the tools and funnels that would make life easier for you, and the specific business goals that you’re trying to reach.

Only then can we make suggestions for the type of website that would help you do all this.

All web design decisions will be run by you to ensure they’re in line with your ideas and goals. We’re not here just to sell you any website, we’re here to build your special home online so that you can stand out, get more customers and become more successful.

You talk, Smarter Websites listens… then suggest the best ideas for success.

6. Our relationships don’t end with their websites going live.

A website is like a house. You need to maintain it to keep it working, and then improve and expand it as your needs grow. But how do you do all this when you’re busy with your business? That’s where your web design company must be proactively helping you.

A good web design company builds you a good website. But a great web design company like us, though? We go the extra mile! First, whenever we build your website, we future-proof it for when you want us to update, redesign or expand it to do exactly what you want it to do as your business needs change.

Plus, just like our existing clients are doing, you can call on us to protect your website secure with the best security software that help to keep it online and out of the hands of hackers.

Let us know if you’d like us to do the same for you.

7. Your website will run faster than a speeding bullet.

Excuse me for a second while I get a little technical. Our web design company in Rockingham hosts all websites on a dedicated local high-end solid-state drive (SSD) redundant arrays of independent disks (RAID) server, also known as a local SSD RAID server.

What does this mean to you? More speed!

Your website will be on the most reliable server on Earth. A server that makes your website run faster, therefore delivering better performance and improving your online presence.

Speed and better performance is key if you want your website to load quickly when someone types your URL. Google has also admitted that the loading speed of your pages help them determine how they rank you in search results. People hate slow websites and that’s one reason they leave and decide to look elsewhere. With a fast website, you’ll get more engagement from because you’ll be giving them a good user experience.

View Client Success Stories

Ok, you’ve probably read enough about how good we are. How about viewing our client success stories for yourself?

You can:

We love getting nice testimonials, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. We look forward to yours after we launch your website.

What’s next?

We’ve been building websites for years and are local, so please get in touch with our friendly web design team in Rockingham if you’d like to find out how we can design a fast, reliable high-end website that helps you reach your sales goal.

There’s no strings attached and together we’ll figure out how best to use a professional website to promote and grow your business online.

What Others Say About Us

is infinitely more profound and powerful than what we say about us.

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