You Don’t Have To Go Anywhere Near FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn…

You Don’t Have To Go Anywhere Near FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn…

... to Reap the Rewards of Social Media Marketing.

You don’t have to go anywhere near FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn to grow your business on the social media scene.

The biggest issue I hear from those who are social media marketing “challenged” is they don’t have time.

That I totally understand!

But here’s the next thing some say “I actually don’t know where to start or what to actually do”.

And it’s the same for a lot of professionals and small business owners. So many have a FaceBook or a LinkedIn account and pretty well don’t use it.

But there are smart ways to get and stay “in front of people”.

Isn’t that what marketing is all about?

Getting in front of people, getting new connections, strengthening existing relationships, having people talk about you, and give you referrals, building rapport and forging forward in building your network or centre of influence.

Well, that’s my summary of marketing.

I’m a part of 3 different business groups -

  • A closed mastermind group of 4 that meets every week.
  • BNI or Business Network International – meets every week.
  • A Business Mentoring group run by a very successful colleague.

Mastermind Group:

Our closed mastermind group meets every week and is run pretty tight. We have an opening ‘goss’ session and then it’s straight into business. We bring along strategic questions that will move our business forward as well as account for the actions we said we’d take over the last week.

This is not a “feel good” meeting. We are accountable and that’s our mantra – “do what you said you’d do.” We’re not gentle on each other let me tell you. (a great way to vent – lol)

Then there’s BNI. I’m blessed to be in a really dynamic BNI group.

For those who don’t know BNI is all about referrals and operates from a “Givers Gain” model. Like a universal principal – the more you give the more you get. The meetings are very well structured, well organised and run to a tight time line, 1.5 hours for a breakfast meeting, every week.

Mentoring Group:

The next group is the Business Mentoring group run by John Denton. We meet monthly for a half day session. John is one of the country’s top business brokers. When you think about it, who better to run a mentoring group than someone who helps get businesses ready for sale?

If our business is “ready for sale” that means it effectively runs itself.

And don’t we all want that?

That is surely the true definition of a business, something we can walk away from and it’ll still make money. For me that’s a work in progress!

Back to the smart ways to get grow you and your business on the social media scene - without going anywhere near FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

You’ll need a Smart phone, Android phone or iPhone.

FourSquare is a social venue marketing tool. All it does is use GPS to “locate” you and you’re able to “check in” to that venue. I have it set up to then send that info to my FaceBook and Twitter profiles.


Because it’s putting me in front of my network or circle of influence.

So who cares you say!

Obviously they do because I seem to get more comments on those “remote” posts than when I’m actually on FaceBook. Seems like a no brainer to me!

If I can foster my relationships with these groups and friends and connect with them more without spending a heap of time in front of my computer isn’t that a smart use of my time?

Here’s a big point to consider!

People want to do business with people! End of story. And the more “real” you become, the more you show your humanness along with constant subtle reminders that you’re out there then the more top of mind you will be.

So I do one thing, take one action – simply check in and it goes to my FourSquare profile, my FaceBook profile, my LinkedIn profile and my Twitter profile.

So I do one thing yet 4 marketing touches or points of exposure occur. That’s for each “check in”, that’s smart leverage.

20 Points of Free Marketing Exposure Every Month!

I get at least 20 points of marketing exposure every month with no time actually on my laptop and only a few minutes a month on my iPhone. That’s a great ROI!

And you get to have some FUN!

With Foursquare you earn points for check ins, extra points for new venues, and you can become the Mayor if you have checked in the most. At our BNI meetings we now have about 4 members into it and we have some fun with it. Trying to check in first or pipping someone as the Major. It actually adds to the camaraderie within the group too.

Here’s where you can get REALLY SMART.

You can add “Tips” about your business. Remember, this is a GPS venue location tool. So anyone around my area will see my tip “Greatest WordPress Websites, Lead Generation Systems and Social Media Marketing Integration on the Planet”. They’ll see that even if they’re a block away and checking into another business.

Gee, Free Advertising!

So whenever I go to my business meeting or network functions I “check in”. I also make a comment about the event, maybe a short spiel about guest speaker or some other positive comment.


Because it’s that givers gain principle at work. Plus what other people say about you is infinitely more powerful than what you say about yourself. Give rave reviews and I’m bound to get some back. Like I said, I get at least 20 points of marketing exposure every month.

Who’d like the benefit of you and your business being put in front of 100’s or even 1000’s of people?

It’s gonna be huge so start to use it now.

DO THIS NOW! Let us “Connect Socially” - Increase Your Circle of Influence!

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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Go Anywhere Near FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn…”

  1. Eran from World Wide Web Marketing

    Hi Pete.

    Great tip!

    I never would have thought of that one! In fact, I have sneered at 4Sq before, thinking it’s a waste of time, etc… HOWEVER, when you find a great way to use it, it suddenly becomes useful!

    Have a great Christmas & New Year, and hope to catch up for coffee one day early next year.


  2. Hi Eran,

    Yes, we will have to catch up, you’ve been on my radar so we’ll have to do that. Will it have to be an after 5 meet? or do you have gaps in the day?

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