Simple Tip To Get More Backlinks To Your Website!

peter-butler-google-profile-250I’m really under the pump with helping new clients get their websites up in the Google charts and that reminded me of just one of the simple tips we use to make that happen.

It’s a no brainer for getting back links to your site, courtesy of Google themselves. Every bit helps and any way you can use Googles services has to be a good thing right? All bow to Google!

Set up your own Google Profile.

You just need to fill the information that they ask about yourself, include the URL of your website, add some pictures and bingo, one more backlink. As long as you add enough information, your profile will be displayed in Google’s search results, and it should count as a normal backlink because Google does not use the nofollow attribute on the website links.

This service is also useful if you are not worried with building links, because it gives you an opportunity to create a profile page and possibly to get it ranked for your name on the first page of results.

So what are you waiting for? Go set up your own profile.

If you’re a Smarter Websites client chances are we’ve already done that for you. Do a quick check by entering “Google Profile for <your name>” into Google Search and see what comes up. Let me know if you can’t find you 🙄 and I’ll talk you through some tips and tricks.

Make a comment below if you need help.

The picture above is my own profile with all the sites I’ve built and run (some are old and my pre WordPress days so don’t give me grief)

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Peter B Butler

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1 thought on “Simple Tip To Get More Backlinks To Your Website!”

  1. Hello Peter

    I have just read this post and put some details into my Google profile. it was easy and it makes complete sense to do this. So if there are any other business owners out there who think it is all too hard and that they don’t have the time, then think again.

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