Even if you’re not into Social Media, most of your clients are…

And if you don’t position your business SOON… you WILL get left behind!

Is Your FB Business Page ‘Timeline’ Ready?

March 30 is Facebook’s biggest and BEST change for business yet!


For the first time on Facebook you will have features that a normal website should have. This is BIG!

Facebook is about to make TIMELINE compulsory on Pages (not just profiles). This means far more opportunity for you to create a powerful strategy for your business online.

Here’s the summary of the changes:

  • Cover Image - You get to have a full size header panel just like on your website BUT you need to comply with FB policy
  • Profile Picture – Your opportunity to increase your branding and connection with the world
  • Page Tabs – Just like on your website these have a high profile position (Page tabs are under the cover page to the right) You can edit with graphics, offers and calls to action (do make sure you comply with FB policy)
  • Use the ‘Pin to Top’ feature – This will keep any post ‘pinned’ to the top for up to 7 days
  • An opportunity with the ‘Milestone’ feature you can showcase your history as a company and improve your credibility and authority
  • Use the ‘Highlight’ feature to showcase specific posts on your timeline

[button type="square" color="#add8e6" size="medium" url="https://smarterwebsites.com.au/yes/fb-business-page" rel="dofollow" align="center" clear="buttonclearfix" ] See the FB Timeline Business Page Packages[/button]


New ‘Reviews App‘ – Facebook in their infinite wisdom (sarcasm intended) removed the built in FB reviews App.

And given that “What others say about you is infinitely more powerful than what you say about yourself’ you can use this New ‘Reviews App‘ so you can showcase your clients raves and reviews of your outstanding service on your new FB Timeline Business Page.

‘Contact App’ – Make it EASY for people to get hold of you so give them multiple ways to contact you. Pre-set up to email you through a built in contact form, be professional.

‘Suggest to Friends’ – Help build your audience. Facebook took this feature away last year, it was being probably being abused. But we can set this up so you can politely ask your friends to ‘like’ your page.

Gone is the ‘Welcome or Like’ Page – well, it’s still there but the ability to direct people there BEFORE they like your page is no longer available. So you will need to refine your offer and how you use that page to help your business.

2 ways to upgrade for the FB Timeline Business Page:

Remember, March 30th is the switch date! Don’t wait or your page graphics and branding will be jilted so it’s first in best dressed.

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