Facebook Name Grab This Weekend

Get YOUR NAMED Facebook account this Saturday Lunch (for Aussie’s)

Up until now your Facebook profile link was just random characters like this


That’s memorable… not!

For the savvy people you could use the ‘profile to’ application which would look like this which is certainly a lot sexier. (Especially with my name in it 😆 )

But Facebook are releasing this weekend the chance to grab your specific named Facebook username URL which will look like this


This can either be your name or your niche or group name. Facebook have protection in place to guard against name squatting and you can read about that right here on their blog


The Facebook countdown link is here


Now, if your a client of mine then make sure you get signed up. Once you've secured your names FaceBook account let me know the URL so I can update your links on your site. If you're technologically handicapped then get back to me by close of business tomorrow so we can schedule time to help you get registered.

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