A slightly fragmented auto biography of Peter Butler.

A slightly fragmented auto biography of Peter Butler.

Peter’s passionate about being passionate… in everything he turns his hand to. Why not throw yourself at it and do the best you damn well can?

Why do think he has the email signature… “… and whatever you do, do it heartily…” It’s a life motto that Peter lives by.

Peter Butler was born in Perth, Western Australia of an Irish Father and an Australian Mother. He has since comes to terms with his father being Irish. Peter and his wife Linda got married in 2000 and were both virgins when they married. Peter has a 14 year old son who thinks he’s 22. He also inherited 3 gorgeous adult daughters and became a proud grandfather overnight… with 6 grandkids and another 2 on their way… and he still has no grey hair.

Peter’s working with Worldwide Salon Marketing and oversees the coaching of over 300 salons (and growing daily) with their Direct Response Marketing. He personally coaches, one on one, around 120 business owners to make truckloads more money.

Peter’s been in the retail and service industry for over 27 years and is evidence that retail is retail. It really doesn’t matter what the industry although most people respond with “Oh, but my business is different…”

Yes, Peter well knows that each industry may have its own language and terminology but the principles are the same. Certain skill sets may also need to be developed yet the same fundamentals still apply.

Peter’s passion and mainstay has always been in sales and marketing. He’s a hands on get down and just do what needs to be done sort of a guy. Peter’s shifted from the automotive industry to a short stint in health food stores to Kirby vacuum cleaners through to engineering and over to the mechanical industry then into management for the tyre and exhaust industry before switching to garden centres and then a long run at the landscaping and gardening business before swinging all of that knowledge and experience into the sales and marketing information industry.

What drives Peter now is the shortfall for most business owners in their sales and marketing. This shortfall always shows up as a lack of money or time or both. He is now a business builder and helps people take control and turn their business around. It’s about building businesses for sale or lifestyle.

Peter has been in storefronts and workshops to homes and yards to telephone rooms, warehouses and shopping centres to offices and showrooms and to the great outdoors and back again to administration centres and offices so he knows the front end and the back of business.

Peter’s damn good at what he does and loves it. Hey, if you’re good at something and you can do that to make money… that’s gotta be the greatest. It’s like the business owners Peter coach’s, the majority are damn good at what they do and to be able to help them move to the next level and make a truckload more money along the way… and all toward an easier lifestyle… now, that’s living… really living.

Smarter Business Profits is all about cashflow. Cashflow is King and all business owners need to know the Direct Marketing Secrets to creating a constant flow of Cash into their business. DIY is a great place to start and you choose where you go from there…

Garden Design and Landscaping from one of Peter’s businesses “Peter’s Plants and Gardens”. Gardens to die for…

Peter’s Downloadable Audio Books Website

This is Peter’s Internet Marketing Business Startup site with a truckload of tools and tips to help any person make money online, internet marketing, business strategy, internet marketing online, internet business

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Peter B Butler

Passionate with serial ‘hobbiest’ tendencies. Love WordPress & software 'toys'. Raving 70's Jap Bike collector. By day we convert dead dormant websites into profitable sites, hence ‘Smarter Websites’ - making them 'work', one at a time if necessary. On target for world domination, albeit our part of the world...

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