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jim_carey_150Saw the new Jim Carey movie “Yes Man” with my teenage son a couple of weeks back.

I wasn’t a Jim Carey fan at all until I saw him in an interview with Oprah a couple of years ago. In fact I was what I would call a ‘non’ fan – I didn’t like the ‘Mask’ movies and I had no time at all for anything he was in. In this interview Jim was sharing some stuff from his life and I got to see the ‘real’ Jim. I really related to what he was sharing and my view of him changed just like that.

So my son and I really enjoyed the movie, and as usual Jim, with all his extreme mannerism’s pulled off the role really well. A nice light hearted look at life, great to zone out for a bit.

What was really sad was the ads before the movie. What an absolute waste of money!

This was the most severe case of “advertising victim’s” I have ever encountered.

These were graphically gorgeous and very sexy and stylish ads and I have never seen so much money thrown away in one sitting that I can pretty well guarantee will make NO money for the business owners. Zilch, nix, nothing!

And what will be the response when they don’t get a result? “You need to keep running it, its subliminal advertising” the advertising guru’s will say!

What a crock of crap! That is the single biggest lie about advertising that has ever been told. If an ad doesn’t work – don’t run it again. It’s not rocket science.

The second issue is being able to have a clear and distinct way to measure the results. Every ad should always be measurable. (not that they’ll ever tell you that because they don’t want to be accountable)

Throwing serious money away they are – good old Val Morgan Advertising are making a fortune and those crap ads will kill what could be an absolute gold mine for building qualified leads.

Think about it – you have a captive audience, sitting there comfortably – who are actually in a position to grab a pen and paper and write down a web address or phone number.

But most businesses don’t even make a compelling offer. Why not make an offer for a free report in exchange for the prospects details?

One of the ads was such a perfect model for this. The company did truck and heavy equipment driver licence training. The existing ad had some hunky trucks and forklifts, all looking good if you’re into that sort of thing – cute little background jingle thing (maybe that’s supposed to tap into my subconscious to do)

Great… so what! 3 weeks later I have no idea who they were and not sure even where.

Now if they’d run our style of ad with a very clear and compelling offer of a Free Report called, say… “7 Things You Must Know Before You Even Apply For Your Heavy License” – valued at $47 and Available for a Short Time Only – then I would have made a note of that website or phone number. Then at home I would have given my details to get that report.

Can you see what’s happened?

The smarter company using the model we advocate can now market to me, forever… or at least till I buy or die.

And the even funnier and frustrating thing here is. I will actually be in the market for those services, so I pick on this company legitimately – I’ll be in the market for a BIG Winnebago Touring Van for a family trip around Oz and will most likely need to upgrade my license. I like BIG.

Doesn’t it make a lot more sense to be able to capture people’s details so you can not only market to them when they are ready but you’re also pre-qualifying them? Depending on your business this gives you the opportunity to ‘drill down’ with qualifying so you can make another contact with them. The follow up procedure needs to be tailored to suit your business of course.

To expect people to remember you and your ad after they’ve just watched a movie and been ‘zoned out’ is dumb, or at least naïve.

The other sad thing was how annoyed my son gets with me doing my usual “Gee, if only they’d added a Free report model” or “Did you see that son, all graphic with no compelling offer and no call to action… pathetic… lame”.

At 15 my son is easily embarrassed by ‘Dear Dad’ and has put up with my frustrations and ranting on sad and bad marketing for a long time now. Sorry son, but it’s hard with all this bad marketing, I know it’s not their fault and all but…

I don’t know of many businesses where this model can’t be adapted. It really is the Auto Pilot gem in direct marketing. To find out how the Free Report model and 2 step marketing can be plugged into your business you can do one of two things.

Click on the blue button on my website – you can’t miss it… it’s big, it’s blue and it’s here www.peterbutler.com.au


Phone me on 0413 733 272 and we’ll set up a time to talk you through it.

I have an online PowerPoint presentation and I can actually walk you through it step by step.

I also talk with so many people who love the idea but just don’t know where to start. Or they get started but don’t understand all the pieces in the process. It can be overwhelming if you’re trying to do it all yourself but auto pilot lead generation is a beautiful thing. Well worth the effort.

Here’s what a recent client said… actually, like so recent… like yesterday.

jim-bryden-200Hi Peter,

I’ve just received the free report you helped me create. Wow, awesome. Although I had written what I think is a good informational article, I see what you mean about how the opening and closing of the report makes or breaks how well this system works. I really ‘get’ how this lead generation model will work so well.

By powerfully taking our prospects on a journey of building a relationship with them – I can see that we’re building excellent rapport even before we meet them. That term “being pre disposed to do business with you” means a lot more to me now as all the pieces to the jigsaw puzzle come together. I’m really impressed by how quickly you did it too!

Thanks again.

Kind Regards, James Bryden

and NO… I’m not going to send you there… yet – We’re still testing and optimizing and we don’t want unqualified traffic.

Find out how you can plug the same model into your business right now!

Click on the blue button on my website – you can’t miss it… it’s big, it’s blue and it’s here www.peterbutler.com.au


Phone me on 0413 733 272 and we’ll set up a time to talk you through it. You will be amazed…

PS: Out of  the last 100 visitors to your website how many are you now able to market to?

Committed to Generating “Highly Qualified” Leads and Making You More Money,

Peter B Butler



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