How To Look Good Naked! (Weird Title)

How To Look Good Naked! (Weird Title)

I know, weird title but it will make sense.

You know how in life you just ‘click’ with some people? As soon as you meet them the whole ‘get to know you’ bit is just so easy. It’s almost like you’re long lost buddies having a great catch up.

And then there’s the whole similar tastes thing and the “omg, you like that as well?” conversations.

It’s great, I love it. There is that genuine connection and rapport right from the get go.

You have those points of relatedness, you’ve connected emotionally.

Do that with your website and you’ll be rich beyond belief!

Is it working? Is your website converting your visitors and browsers into known prospects?

If not, you haven’t captured the points of relatedness, you’re not ‘connecting’.

Try and get inside their heads, work out why they’re there, what’s their pain, what’s their problem, how can you ‘relate’ with them and therefore engage them.

The free report model is all about making a connection with the prospect. Once you have their attention you “offer” a solution and in exchange for their details you provide some answers. Obviously it needs to address those points of pain, their areas of concerns or questions they have on your subject.

If your report doesn’t cover the “so what” factor people have, then good luck with building up your client base and leads.

You relieve their pain, and for that they’ll willingly give you their contact details.

You now have a ‘known identified prospect’ rather than a ‘random web visitor’!

But it’s also a relationship journey.  What is the best sort of new client to have? A referral! Why?

Because they were referred by a mutual contact so the trust factor is high. That’s what happens when people sign up for your report, or your e-series, you establish credibility and authority, and trust. You’ve started the relationship journey.

So what’s the “How To Look Good Naked” got to do with it?

I ‘connected’ with this guy, Tony de Graaf of Evolve Health. Very passionate about helping people to get their fitness in order, one of those stand out guys you meet in life, a real gentleman (Sorry, don’t mean to embarrass you Tony)

We came up with a catch cry for his business that we turned into the title for his free report “How To Look Good Naked”.

Hey, who doesn’t want that? (He always gets a chuckle at our BNI network meetings)

Tony had already commissioned his website to be built when we met so he had to follow through, bummer.

But what happened next was simply amazing! Tony says it better than me…

I had a brand new website, it looked fantastic, graphically gorgeous, 2 months old but it hadn't generated me any leads, not a single one!

I met Peter at a networking group, what he said made sense. They did a fresh rebuild on my site then BAM!!! Like a tornado the leads starting coming in.

I’ve had 6 leads come in the last 4 days!!!

The response has been way better than I expected. And it is the passion and enthusiasm with which Peter immerses himself into my project that amazes me.

I am so glad that he is on my team. If you have a website and want it to be giving you more, then definitely get in touch with Peter and Smarter Websites.

If you don't have a website and want to get online, stop looking around and go Smarter!!!

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together! We waved our magic wand and hey, presto!

Oh, forgot to share. Tony’s site went from having only 1 page known by Google after 2 months to 35 pages after 3 days. If Google doesn’t know you exist then who else will?

So, who else wants to look good naked, get their website soaring up the Google charts and get a truckload of leads coming in at the same time?

Contact Smarter Websites here!

[UPDATE January 2019 - Tony has since changed industry but regardless, the results were phenomenal]

2 thoughts on “How To Look Good Naked! (Weird Title)”

  1. Peter. You’ve just had a birthday and sorry mate, you’re no longer in your 20s. I know. I know. But, please, please keep your clothes on… 🙂 No naked stuff here, thanks.

    Seriously, yes – a good website should generate leads AND educate so that you get warm prospects instead of random, unqualified leads.

    Really like your new Facebook comments plugin – I’ve got to ask you to set that up for me too.

    Mark Fregnan

  2. Mark,

    Hey, Tony has promised me a session with him, not sure if I’m looking forward to that. All with a view to making me look good naked, sorry about that image – lol.

    And you’re right about the qualified leads too, spot on, all warmed up and ready to go.

    Yes, let’s get you ‘social’ and get some friends too.

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