A “Barbarian” or “Brazilian”

You know how some days you’re just a bit flat?

Your not on top of the world but you’re OK… but then something happens and you realize that you really did need a ‘pick me up’. There’s gotta be nothing better than a really deep bellied laugh to lift the spirits and change your outlook for the day.

I was on a coaching call with Sharee Sims of Beauty Revival Clinic in Bunbury and she changed my whole day with just one sentence. This has to be the ‘faux pas’ of the decade for the beauty industry.

A client came in and asked for a… wait for it… a ‘Barbarian’.

Now, it was actually Sheree’s daughter who handled the client and we have to award the ‘Diplomacy of the Month Award’ to young Riana. Well done Riana, you managed to keep a straight face I believe. You will go a long way in this business.

Now, to be fair to the client and looking at this from their point of view. Was it their first time, maybe she was tires and just got tongue tied. Maybe it was done under duress from her partner and that was actually her veiw on it…

Maybe she just thought it was barbaric. It’s a matter of interpretation with a ‘Brazilian’ really… hey, each to their own.

I suppose we’ll never know what happened for that lady. “Barbaric.” Ya just gotta laugh don’t ya!


Peter Butler

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Peter B Butler

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