Stay Sharp Group

Aug 1, 2019
Stay Sharp Group

The Client:

Ray’s philosophy is that one must always “Stay Sharp”. It’s all about grinding away at the things that drive you. Sharpening your mind and educating yourself so you are fully equipped to overcome any challenge you face.

His mission is to create a community which inspires moments of collaboration where people can all learn new ways of thinking which leads to new solutions and a better world to live in.

Although Ray have a web development background, he was struggling in finding time to start the learning management system for Stay Sharp Group.

He wanted a learning management system where he can upload courses and dump his knowledge into a digital space.

Ray wanted a part of his website to be dedicated to paid subscribers that can access video tutorials and other resources. He wanted a learning centre that can house different courses so we planned to create a learning management system using WordPress that will allow subscribers to pay for courses they prefer.

A plan was also made to give people better user experience.

We rolled out a new WordPress build in a subdomain in his website and added a membership and payment system. We also added custom page styles to the courses and resources pages in such a way that it’s very easy for users to navigate around with little to no help.

We also designed a logo and decided on a color scheme that will give the website a professional look. Lastly, we loaded up the content and provided instructional videos on how to use the back end system.

The first group of people that Ray put through in the website were extremely amazed at the user experience and how easy it was to follow the bouncing ball to get through the courses and find all the resources they need.

The Praise:


The Package:

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