Smallwater Estate Relaunch

Jun 16, 2020

The Client:

Smallwater Estate was planted in 1993 by John Small and his late wife Robyn with the intention of developing a marron farm and a vineyard to grow contract grapes.

For the next ten years or so, most of the grapes were supplied to Cape Mentelle and it wasn't until 2005 when John decided to make his own wine under the Smallwater Estate label.

John is shifting the focus of his business, Smallwater Estate, so we suggested that a new and fresh website design would go well with the new changes. We need to update the website without any downtime on the Shop section. With that in mind, only the design should be updated and the e-Commerce section of the website could not be altered at all.

The plan was to do a full conversion to the new modern website builder that we use. Some internal pages require more advanced styling, to showcase John's business at a higher level, so we decided to do custom page styling to the high focus pages.

So that there is no downtime, we will work on the new design on a ghost domain. A careful plan to copy the updates to the existing website was also in place.

The SW team first conducted a Discovery, Strategy and Wireframe session with John to discuss the business, the focus of the website, and build a wireframe - all to future proof his marketing objectives.

The team then went ahead and built the new website and John struggled, mainly with time, to provide new content for 2 high focus page. We then engaged a copywriter to add great content on those pages.

Other tasks we did were Online Compliance, Social Media Integration and Reviews Integration.

Lastly, we worked on his Google My Business and did SEO on the new homepage.

To go live seamlessly, we put the live site on maintenance mode to prevent new orders from coming in, applied the website updates without touching WooCommerce, tested the website completely and then went live!

The website has been live for a few weeks now and John has mentioned that it's been getting a lot of positive feedback already.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Praise:


Peter and his team have been managing my old website for two years. Peter suggested a rebuild and refresh, so I agreed to go ahead. They approached the project in a professional manner and the only let down was me, not providing the required information in a timely manner!!

The new site has only been live for two weeks, but the feedback is already very positive.

The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

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