Select Residential Solutions Relaunch

Jul 26, 2019
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The Client:

Tim and Sandra is a power couple who provides premium renovation services. At Select Residential Solutions, they work with clients from conception to the completion of renovated areas in their homes together with their In-house designers and trades who assist their clients every step of the way.

They also have a designer showroom in Cannington where clients can make the product selections from tiles to benchware to tapware and to cabinetry.

The existing website was hard coded, and had serious functionality issues.

From a design and user experience it seriously lacked good prompts or 'doorway' buttons for click-throughs. Good click-throughs means more pages visited, longer website visit times (brownie points with Google) and consequently better client engagement.

The galleries were fraught with display issues, one day they'd work, then they wouldn't, so limiting on the best user experience, and the opportunity to showcase the exemplary work.

The plan was to rebuild the website from scratch using the Smart Builder Page technology. A full homepage and website rebuild to upgrade their website will fix all the existing problems and will provide a super design.

An lead capture form was also created to make far better enquiry conversions. It comes with a success page with a proper message to elevate their potential clients’ user experience.

Custom page styling for some pages was also applied because their old one was very ordinary, had no click throughs, no call to actions, ergo no engagement.

An amazing brand new gallery page styling was done for their website as well which features the before and after photos of their projects and a labeling system so that potential clients can refer to projects that they like.

We transferred the existing site across to a web development domain. The 'Smart Page Builder' WordPress software was installed and configured.


We also consulted with the client and advised them on the best way to showcase their work, get maximum engagement. More pages visited, means more site visit times means more brownie points with Google PLUS better User Experience.

Finally, we setup an Instant Quote Form with success page and message for far superior user experience.

The site already has reasonable traffic but we focused on better conversions and enquiries from that traffic.

A major lift in the whole branding perception for Select Residential Solutions.

We also expect to see a boost in site visit times, galley views and a far better user experience.

When prospects have a better user experience on a website, they get a confidence boost in the business capability for delivering what they say they can. This translates into prospects who are already 'predisposed' to do business with you, meaning a far better client experience.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Praise:


Peter and his team have been a 'breath of fresh air' to work with. They have helped us with issues created from using other web companies and have rebuilt our website within tight deadline restraints and we are so impressed and grateful to finally have a team on board that delivers what they promise. Investing in a web company is a tough choice for many companies and we can save you any further frustrations by highly recommending you go straight to Smarter Websites. You will not be disappointed!

- Sandra Roberts

The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

Do You Want Results Like These? 


Do You Want Results Like These?


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