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Feb 10, 2021
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The Client:

James focus on assisting leaders to build organisations that allow their people to enjoy their interactions with colleagues, feel comfortable in their work environment, and be empowered in their contribution, responsibilities, and accountabilities.

James existing website was based on the Harrison Assessment corporate website and he wanted to personalise it for his target market, plus needed to be able to easily self-manage and edit it on the fly.

We recommended one of our start up sites with James, along with an additional time block to improve and customise the website.

He also had presentations for potential partners and clients that we converted to landing pages.

To generate leads, we created a Harrison Assessment request form.

We started off with a great strategy session with James where we discussed what to focus one. We proceeded with finalising a wireframe for his website's homepage.

We acquired his PDF presentations and converted them to two landing pages.

Finally, we added in call to action buttons for the request form and links to directly call James.

James loved it and raved about it on social media. We can see that this will bring about more leads for him.

The Website

This is how the website displays on a PC

The Praise:


Impressive! A shining example of a well organised business...

The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

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